Trying to remember this time travel movie

I have a plot in my mind, but I just can’t get a film disgorging it into Google.

I was sure it was due out some time in the last few months past or to come. The plot has people travelling in time using a drug rather than a time machine and something a little like Paycheck happens, where someone visits the future and has to figure out in the present how it all comes about.

Am I making that up from any other film or is there something like that in film?

One of the Trancers movies, maybe? Doesn’t quite match, but there’s the drug-induced time travel…

There’s a film called Trancers in which people inject a drug to time travel. It came out in 1984 though so perhaps not the one you mean.

Ninja’d by Kamino Neko.


You’re trying to remember the name of a time travel movie that hasn’t come out yet?

Is it Trancers?

He admitted he didn’t know if it even existed. Seeing an ad for a TV airing of an old movie and misremembering it as something that’s coming up seems far more likely than ‘he happened to completely randomly come up with the premise of Trancers and imagine that it’s a upcoming movie’.

Well, I had tried using Google to search for the io9 article about the film but no joy. I noticed there was a time travel tag on their articles, so I went through those and found what I was looking for Synchronicity.

I’ve no idea where I got the idea of time travel using drugs, but the idea was at least used before in Trancers (which popped up when I was Googling) so I’m not just dreaming up nonsense. The plot of Synchronicity does sound kind of, sort of what I had remembered at least.

Dude, that’s exactly what someone would say if they were from the future!