Trying to sell Series I savings bonds

I bought some online in the early 00s, and might need to sell a few in the months to come. I moved a few years ago, and thought I had changed my bank information, but it doesn’t look like I had. I do remember that the purchasing format changed around that same time and it became nearly impossible to purchase them, which was why I stopped.

To change my bank information, I need to submit a form - which I cannot submit online, nor can it be printed. :confused:

I did submit an online form to customer service asking if I could simply have a check sent to me, but I honestly do not expect a response.

Come to think of it, I vaguely remember calling the phone number, which is long distance, when I tried to change my bank info a few years ago, and got someone who barely spoke English. :mad:

So, what do I do? I have enough money tied up in them, I really don’t want it to literally be inaccessible should I need it. Srsly, this seems to be riskier than borrowing from my 403(b) (which I am NOT planning to do any time soon).

Well the forms are here, form 1980, change of address…

Or you can transform your paper bonds into electronic ones, just register at the same website … well its all explained there…

Are you using an iPad or some other mobile device? Sometimes forms come up without any download or printing options but they become active if you use a regular desktop/laptop computer. My wife and I just went through this with a state form she couldn’t do anything with from her IPad.

Thanks, everyone! I have a PC, and it doesn’t have Adobe and I’m not going to get it because I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories about how it’s acted in recent times. There’s no big hurry, and I’m going to the library anyway on Tuesday, so I’ll just do it then.

As for the form I need, it wasn’t listed on the link Isilder provided. I’ll need to sign onto my personal account and download it from there. I had changed my address, but not my bank/credit union information.

All my bonds are electronic. In any case, I wish I’d bought some in the late 1990s, because some of those were paying as much as 8% in recent years. :cool:

I had paper bonds that I cashed in while I was in college, and that was so simple; all I had to do was take them to a bank and endorse them in front of the teller.

Update: I figured out how to print out the form from my computer, took it to my credit union, and had the proper person sign it. I then mailed it.


There are plenty of free open-source programs that can read & print Adobe pdf format files, and most of them are leaner & more efficient than Adobe’s products.

Besides, it’s online programs that are the most dangerous, like Adobe’s Flash (and Java, etc.) – not the pdf print software.

Adobe Reader used to be very dangerous indead, up there with flash. Reader XI (eleven) is much less dangerous. The last Adobe Reader malware threat I know of was CVE-2014-0546 from 2013.

The last PDF threat I see listed isCVE-2015-3632 From early this month (May 2015). It affected Foxit Reader and PhantomPDF, using a GIF in a PDF file.