Replacing U.S. Savings Bonds

My children have Series EE Savings Bond, issued in the 80’s. There are about 20 bonds in all. About ten years ago my husband, thinking they’d matured, wanted to cash them in and took them to a bank. He sat with a bank rep and just said he wanted to cash them and asked no questions at all. She started stamping each bond “Paid.” Then she made a remark about how they hadn’t matured yet. He stopped her and said in that case, he didn’t want to cash them yet. But they already said PAID.

She gave him a form to mail to the Treasury Dept. , something like Request For Bond Payment for Lost/Destroyed Bonds and told him when he did want to cash them in, to mail in that paper. The government would be able to tell that the bonds hadn’t been cashed, and would send something, either to bring to a bank, or to pay it themselves, I’m not sure what.

The bonds aren’t lost or destroyed, she handed them back to him. We still have them, stamped PAID. We kind of forgot about it and did not do anything to straighten out the situation at the time or in all the years since. My research on Treasury Dept. sites says that I can ask for payment of lost bonds, but what I really want to do is replace them. I don’t want to cash them yet, so this Request for Payment of Lost Bonds isn’t what I want. Is there any way to do this? If not, how would I go about explaining to the Treasury Dept. what we did? Meaning, how do I even find a person to talk to in the Treas. Dept.?

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