Trying to share an MS Money file

Mr. Athena and I both got brand spankin’ new Dells within the last year, and both came with a copy of MS Money. Previously I always balanced my checkbook with Quicken, but I figured I’d give MS Money a try.

We also networked 'em together, and lately hubby has been wanting to get to the MS Money account so he could enter his own expenses and such. Problem is, MS Money doesn’t seem to want to share that file.

I posted this on the Microsoft Money forum, but nobody seems to have the answer, so I’m going to the experts, ie, the SDMB.

Both computers run WinXP Home edition.

The file is stored on my personal hard drive, in a shared folder. All the permissions are set up correctly; from his machine, I can create and edit files in the folder where the .mny file is stored.

However, any attempt to access the .mny file through MS Money is met with an error that indicates that the Money cannot locate the file or cannot open it. It suggest that the file is marked read only, permissions are not set correctly, or the drive is write protected. I’ve double checked all those things, and that’s not the problem that I can see. The shares are set up correctly. Double clicking on the file itself to attempt to open it that way
results in the same error.

The only thing I can think of is that there’s something on my machine that’s holding the file open, even when I don’t have Money up. However, I’ve shut down all the money related processes that I can fined (Money Express, etc) and the problem still persists.

We were able to briefly get this problem to go away when I copied the file to a new file name. It then worked for several weeks. However, the old problem is now back - he can’t open the file any more.

What are we doing wrong? Is it not possible to share Money files between computers? Does anyone know of a downloadable utility that will show me if there’s an executable holding the file open so he can’t get to it? HELLLPPP!

I don’t have MS Money but I poked around on their site a little. Did you password-protect the file, perhaps even with your .Net passport?

Here’s something from their site:

I found this by going to and clicking on "“OPEN The microsoft Money 2003 User’s Guide” then once in the guide, “Index” then “Chapter 2 - Creating your Money file using the Setup Assistant”

I don’t know what version of Money you have but maybe this will help. Just a WAG.

Nope, not it. I turned off all that Passport stuff a long time ago, and just went and double checked it now. It’s off.

Something tells me there’s something on my computer that’s holding it open. I used to have a little app that would tell me which executables are holding files open, but can’t seem to find anything like that now. Anyone know of one?