Trying to track down the source of a quote (from old Hollywood)

I posted this question here before several years ago, but don’t think anyone came up with the right answer. But I’ll give it another try. It’s something I’ve been trying to locate for a long time. It’s a quote from a Hollywood actor back from the golden age.

The basic context is that the actor in question (pretty sure it was a guy) was making something like $300,000 a picture, which was considered an OBSCENE amount of money (like, say, $30 million today or something like that.) During an interview, a snarky tabloid reporter tried to rattle the actor by bluntly asking him: “What make you think you’re worth $300,000 a picture??”

The actor’s equally blunt reply: “Because I can get it.”

So who was it who said that? Anybody know?

Great question! It could have been so many that it may be one of those things that has too many possible sources.

I’m trying to recall another thread from some years back that had an equally tantalizing
quote as a puzzle sort of thing. That time somebody eventually posted the exact source, so this one may work out that way for you.

It’s not the same thing as somebody’s response, “That would be in the butt, Bob!”

But I suspect you’ll see dozens of possibilities before someone provides “proof” that this one is just as nearly unique.

I’m curious, too!

The Off-camera Carson, July 06, 1986

Great find, and great username-post combo, Johnny L.A.

ETA: ISTR some years ago when the cast of Friends was getting some criticism for making stupid money for each episode of the show, Jay Leno defended them by saying, (paraphrasing), “It’s Hollywood! You get what you can!”

Excellent! Nice Carson story, too.

That was a very interesting read. And it does sound like something Bogey would say. Thanks for solving that.