Tshirts has returned and it's okay.

We’re big believers in redemption here at the Straight Dope; when someone messes up, we always hope they’ll change for the better.

Upon consideration of a nicely worded email, Tshirts is being given a second chance.

We would hope you would all do the same.

Readmitted members are scrutinized more carefully than newbies; the understanding is that if you got a second chance, you know the forum rules and will live up to them.

your humble TubaDiva

This is so Great!

I’m a good boy. Anybody want a piece of me? I will run away and hide. No more fighting. Just lurking for days is the pits.

Thanks again.

Your humble (now)

“To err is human, to forgive, divine.”

Here I sit, becoming more and more divine by the minute.

Welcome back! :smiley:

Everyone else-

Sorry you had to see this, and I’d rather I didn’t have to say it in public, but I do want to say this one time, so it might as well be now.


OK. Thanks, I think. :irony:
Always the jerk, is that your motto?
Be “devine” if you must, but I think the real credit for forgiving is still Cecil’s and the Moderators’.

A backhanded compliment is the best I could expect out of you, I suppose, although what I was hoping for was silence. So welcome back to you, too. :nogrin:

Do me a favor, though, and don’t respond to anything I write. Or at least don’t presume I’ve read it when you do. I tend to skip your posts whenever I can, just as before you ever noticed me. Just never got into reading meandering missives. Don’t fit the fast-paced multi-thread BB format, to my thinking. Better suited to the lecture hall with a captive audience. Or the infomercial. Just a personal preference.

I don’t find your attacks funny at all, no matter who they are aimed at. I’m not as “devine” as you, apparently, but I will try to stay away from you. Please do me the same honor.

Really… that welcome back crack was way out of line. :rolleyes:

Manual sig line #46

Hi Opus!

You DO get a Welcome :slight_smile:

(I never did like lines)

Looking good.

A comeback tour? My favorite scenerio.

tshirts, that was out of line. Even knowing the checkered history between you two, I read Notthemama’s welcome back as sincere. Was your “nicely worded e-mail” as sincere? Either chill out or your comeback tour is going to come to an abrupt end. (And don’t even bother flaming me - as Tuba said, if you didn’t expect to be more carefully scrutinized upon your return, then you never should have come back.)


tshirts’ comment was three days ago Esprix. Maybe there really is nothing to see here.


Esprix-(the name alone evokes a hostle image)
Who are you? TubaDiva’s boss?
I don’t see Notthemama caring, why should you?
There’s plenty of things we don’t all have to agree on.

I’m not entering this debate, but I wish to suggest you don’t wish to comment on people’s names, even if self-chosen. This is a game two can play.

No name is all-purpose.

(I have feelings about this topic. People often tell me my name is “spelled wrong”.
Do these people tell Clinton his name is “really” Clinttown, I wonder.

Show_Biz wrote:

Huh, that’s a new one. Such wise words, O Ye of 33 posts. :rolleyes:

Hmmm, let’s see, last time I checked, this was a publicly-accessed message board where people were free to exchange ideas and opinions and discuss whatever topics happened to be raised.

So I did. And so did you. Anything else?


Huh,(sic - proof enough of stupidity) that’s a old one. Such unwise words, O Ye of 1761 posts :finger:

For your information, S-pricks are the ones caught in the wringer. An old joke for an Old Joke.

Yes. (To you that would mean “Duh” I suppose.) Tshirts. Or have you forgotten what you were moaning about already?

He’s chilled, Notthemama’s chilled, any you’re still spoiling for a fight and talking like you own the place.

Clear enough? A word to the wise is sufficient, so I’d better as again. Clear enough?

Your 1761 posts went to your head.
They prove good attendance, not good attention.

I’m not quite sure why you’re picking a fight over something that you seem to know nothing about, but that I’ve been reading for weeks now on this board.

Oh, yes, giving someone the finger is a great way to get them to see your point.

Not sure what all that means. Perhaps English wasn’t your strong suit in grade school, which would have been, what, last year?

I’m talking from experience, something you seem to be lacking here. And could you please point out where tshirts has “chilled?” As I pointed out in my post, it was notthemama who offered out his hand of truce, only to be bitten off. As someone who has been here for a while, and see what’s gone on between these two in the past, if tshirts was sincere in his “nicely worded e-mail” to the administrators of this board, he wouldn’t have snapped like that.

(Oh, and I’d recommend disuse of the [sic] notation, since proofreading is part of what I do for a living, and if I started on your tenuous grasp of grammar and syntax I’d be here all day. Of course, if I did, your posts might actually make sense.)

My apologies to TubaDiva if this thread is slipping into qualifications for another thread.


Notthemama started in on him again, and he knew it. It’s not exactly hidden, but two arguers are the best judge of when they are being tried. Something you will learn, one hopes but does not expect.

Notthemama wasn’t staying away, and wasn’t being very polite, but snide.

If I were still in school, it would be grade 58. What grade would you be in? I sent my photo to techchick. Perhaps she’ll share it with you some day.

I know enough about the fued, and it’s fresher for me. The threads are all there, and not that old. They pop up when you search for “tshirts” and “Notthemama”, which you tend to do when someone mentions a comeback and salt in the wounds.

Both have chilled, (according to picmr ) for three days, i.e., since this good welcome from TubaDiva and sour one from Notthemama. However, Notthemama is also on “good behavior” as he puts it, and I find no instance of either caring a whit for the other.

This sits ill with you apparently. Heaven Knows why. I assume because you are interested in getting some fued action of your own and no one will bite.

Someone as bossy as you will doubtless trail me around too now, like an insulted chihuahua. If you do, expect to get kicked, but not for long. I don’t suffer fools gladly, nor for long.

Sorry I jumped on you. I had no idea. You bluff pretty hard for a kid.
Just realized you sent a picture to techchick, too.

You don’t have a butt to kick, do you? I guess I should have known when when asked what “grade” I was in. You have to be pretty callow to care.

Well, suck your blanket (it’s *his * picture, don’t blame me for noticing) and don’t mind me.
I’ll go over to the grownups table. Join us when you get some fake ID.

For the record, I’m 31 years old.

Please point out to me where notthemama was being insincere:

Now please point out to me where tshirts was being reconciliatory:

Then again, maybe I’m just talking to tshirts’ sock puppet.


This is too much like a Pit thread for my comfort.

This thread is closed. Y’all want to bicker, take it to the Pit.

your humble TubaDiva