TubaDiva, can you please put back the last 2, 3 & 4 day options in search.

You had made this change a while back and it was very helpful. It was of course lost in the upgrade, but it appeared to be a minor change that you did not need Jerry for and should not interfere in anything he is doing. It has been many weeks without this now.

Please consider it and give us back those handy little options. If anything they should improve board performance a small bit.


I’m certainly not speaking for tubadiva, nor am I speaking for Jerry or anyone involved with fixing the board, but I’m of the opinion that Admins(or anyone who can tweak the Board) are loath to do anything that might make Jerry’s job harder.

As in “I wonder what this knob does…?” :eek:

Thank you Sam, I still hope that **TubaDiva **will consider it and maybe ask Jerry if it is OK. I am pretty sure see made the change last time, so in must be just a built in option and not a hack that would cause grief.

Just to throw in support to what samclem said: for the most part we’re not making any changes to the board (especially search) until Jerry’s done with his list and given us the okay. Once that happens, though, we’ll revisit the remaining requests and see what can be done.

You haven’t forgotten the espresso spigot and the gelato churner, have you? :eek: