Who gave the hamsters espresso?

I don’t know what has happened, but the last couple of days the SDMB has been usable and everything. It’s much faster than usual. Give my thanks to those responsible.

That would be Jerry on the tech side, and the good folks who own the Chicago Reader on the provision side. It’s good that we pause from time to time to thank them.

Just wanted to put in my two cents, too. This is a great thread, considering all the complaining that happens.

Thanks to whoever eyedroppered espresso to them!

Actually, there’s been some discussion that they may have canned the hamsters and replaced them with a cheetah on crack. Either that or they’ve been pumping iron. :slight_smile:

So how does Cheetah on Crack power the Boards? I think he’d be a bit too big for a wheel … unless part of the upgrades was a new, super-wheel. Interesting …

Nah, Jerry just told them to get it in gear or they would be getting in Gere


The SDMB Demon just lives to eliminate happy posters.I live in constant fear that you guys will wake the sleeping giant up,and he’ll lay waste to the whole site until there’s nothing left but smoking wreckage.

I recommend that all the people that are happy about the light speed of the board just keep quiet,or better yet start complaining that this new server is way too slow and you certainly expected better. Start posts in ATMB reviling Jerry and his inept cohorts.(Admins,I recommend you all go on banning sprees.This will no doubt make the board even faster.Ah,you will need me,however,to keep coming up with these brilliant ideas.) Oh,and Ed,you could raise the yearly membership fee to $100 to make up for the lost banning revenue.We would then wind up with only well to do dopers,and everyone knows that money=brains.(Oddly enough,my consultation fees come to exactly $100 per year.

So let’s get going and appease the Demon.You who shall be sacrificed will have the warm fuzzy feeling that you martyred yourselves for the beloved rich dopers that deserve to be here,and there’s plenty of other message boards out there that are more closely geared to your inferior intelligence.

Now,who loves me and can’t wait to praise me for this thrilling idea?

I’m caroming around the boards like a pinball in a storm-toss’d ship. I love this. It’s so fast, I can flit from page to page almost as fast as my eyes can switch focus. (Having a fast tabbed browser helps. All hail Firefox!)

Damn, this is cool. This is so cool it removes the suck from dialup.

Why do the cheetahs have to be on crack? Crack’s expensive. The same effect can be had by putting both cheetahs and hamsters in the same wheel. By gram, hamsters are cheaper.

Maybe it looks something like this.