Hamsters on meth!

Wow. Tonight, I’ve really been impressed by the responsiveness of the SDMB. Whatever happened … thank you!

Our friend and hero jdavis is doing some maintenance on the server. More work will be done later today, 9 AM Chicago time.

So far, it looks like it’s working, doesn’t it?

It’s now quicker than I can recall, and maintenance is scheduled. Interesting. I’m betting Ed posts within the week.

Great, the post-lunch slowdown (in the UK) isn’t happening! Good stuff.



I don’t know what ya did, Jerry, but mad props to ya.

To bring it back to its usual speed I hope! :wink:

Jerry be doing some madcap programmin’. He learned his programming on da streets! Nobody be messin’ with da Reader IT department, yo.

[sub]Apologies to Herbert Kornfeld, of Onion fame.[/sub]

Next on Fox! From the crazy-mad Amsterdam 'hood: When Dutchmen Go Street!

Shhhh! It’s working; let’s not jinx it.

But thanks guys, well done whoevever did it.

I bow to Jerry the Tech God and all others who are responsible for this. Oh my god the hamsters are on dope!

Threads are loading faster than a google search.

Damn. Prior to the new hamsters, the frustration with the SDMB responsiveness mitigated the addiction to the SDMB.

Now, I’m doomed. The addiction is stronger as the response is faster. Damn.

I just know I’m going to lose my job and end up panhandling on the street.

Retired… Bwhahahahahahaha :smiley: