Tuckerfan, you dog hating bastard.

Satire inspired by the comments in this thread.

You have the most depraved sense of humor that I have ever encountered. Probably the worst on the entire planet earth, if not the universe itself. I cannot even believe that I share a species with you. I cannot believe that you are even considered a carbon-based life form. Nothing in the entire history of humanity on this planet can possibly compare to the terrible void that you must have in place of a soul, to find the pictures linked in that thread funny. How dare you sir? How dare you?

You are probably the kind of person that goes around popping little kids balloons with your cigar, offering to help little old ladies across the street only to trip them half way (and in front of a truck) and then run off, stealing from girl scouts, drowning cats and kicking bums. You probably have a big black mustache that you twirl while you do this as well, and I just bet that you tie maidens to logs in sawmills or some shit.

All that I can say is thank goodness for the sensitive and caring souls in that thread who have, at least to some extent, helped me to see that not all people are capable of the noxious evil that you have show in that thread. Anyway, I would post some more but I really need to put a cool cloth on my head and lie down. You have given me a positively gruesome attack of the vapors.

That’s absolutely awful and not funny in the least.

I have never seen him trip a little old lady in front of a truck!

Pretty good satire. Nicely done.
And FTR I laughed my ass off at those pictures. :smiley:

A lot of things that we, as humans, find funny are also awful. In fact, one of the primary functions of laughter (if I remember my pop psychology correctly) is that it serves as a sort of alchemy to transform that which we find painful into an emotion that we enjoy. Hell, if we couldn’t laugh at the absurd and painful we would not be able to react to a lot of life.

But you hot house flowers just keep falling all over yourselves to put on display just how full of compassion and refined sensitivities you truly are. Give me a break.

The picture was pretty funny. This parody OP, on the other hand, was hi-larious. Nicely done, Binarydrone, nicely done.

Bravo! Good pitting, Binary! :smiley:

What about the golf clap? When do I get the golf clap?

No, but I can give you a good deal on a Bronx cheer.

What bothers me is that noone is mad at the porcupine for putting the skewer to the pit bull?

Of course, noone is mad at the pit bull for attacking the porcupine…
What was I talking about again? Oh yeah. Stay outta my booze.

Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. I get endless enjoyment popping little kid’s balloons. I don’t drown cats though, I feed them to my pet piranhas as a humbe knod to cosmic law of karma.

That’s one horrible picture. One of my first jobs at the humane society was cataloguing photographs showing fresh injuries that pit-bulls sustained in dogfights, though, so those pictures strike a pretty strong cord with me.

I don’t blame folks for finding them funny; I find plenty of things funny that are wholly awful. They just make me cringe instead of giggle.


That isn’t a pit, that is a bull terrier.

Or is there some difference I’m not aware of? <-- most likely option.

This just in: Hot house flowers everywhere cry, “Fuck you, don’t compare us to those pussies.”

FWIW, I found the picture amusing as well. Nature meets nature: Little guy comes out on top for once.

And, yes, poor dog. That sucked and was painful, but she’s fine now.

This sentence makes me giggle. Hot house flowers. Hee!

[sub]I hope THAT’S not a bad thing![/sub]

You hardboiled cynics just keep falling all over yourselves to put on display just how full of manly toughness you truly are. Give me a break.

Yep. That’s why I think it’s funny that that porcupine fucked that dog right up, because it makes me feel tough. Because that makes sense.

Damn straight! I say, when life gives you a face full of quills, make quill juice!

well if you used club covers they wouldn’t** get** the clap.

I certainly hope none of the people who got upset in the prior thread laugh at the Darwin awards or the like. Lord knows something can’t be funny after the fact.