Tupperware, microwaves and tomato sauce

Does anyone know how to get baked-in tomato sauce out of tupperware?

Napalm seems to do the trick. YMMV

Thanks. I just happen to have some under the sink.

Soak them in bleach or leave them out in the hot sun for a day or two. Both have worked for me in the past.

Have seen something advertised in US magazines that promises to remove the red stain - but don’t remember the brand or anything. Perhaps you’ll find something in the supermarket.

Yes, but then won’t it have that bleach smell for the rest of its natural life?

For future reference, when you want to store tomato-y type things in tupperware spray the dish with a little cooking spray first. It won’t completely eliminate the problem but it will reduce the amount of stainage and makes it easier to remove it.

It shouldn’t but if there are ever lingering odors in a tupperware (or any plastic storage container for that matter) just drop a chunk of charcoal in it, seal it, and leave it overnight. And for godsakes don’t use the kind of charcoal that is presoaked in charcoal lighter fluid.
For the record, I am not a tupperware rep by any stretch. ::::shudder::::
These are just tricks me mummy taught me.

Cascade makes a product called Plastic Booster for use in the dishwasher that claims to be both able to remove red stains, and is recommended by Tupperware.

But that would destroy my image of myself as being a domestic MacGyver solving all my culinary and cleaning problems with generations-old barnyard creativity. :smiley:

Cleaning, pshaw! My tomato-sauce storage fleet wears its ruddy-orange badge with PRIDE! :smiley:

Mine didn’t. When I bleach dishes or cookware, I usually give them a good washing in regular dish soap afterwards and a long soak in hot water.

Now I’m going to go look like an idiot and sniff my tupperware! :stuck_out_tongue:

And is there anything that will prevent that “etched” lined around the inside of the Tupperware which comes, I’m assuming, from storing acidy sauces in it?

Just use those cheap plastic containers made by Ziploc and Glad. If they get damaged or stained too badly you can just throw them away. Tupperware is too damn expensive.

The Ziploc and Glad cheapies are polypropylene, the same as Tupperware, so they absorb odors and colors. Rubbermaid Stainguard is made of something else, and it doesn’t absorb anything.