Turbo Tax online... anyone else having problems paying?

I have used this for several years very successfully. I did my taxes the other night and when I got to the payment screen I was annoyed to find that it rejected my credit card. Ok, no problem. Sometimes my card likes to suspend itself because of “suspicious activities” (like I bought a book on Amazon! oh noes!) and I have to call them and verify that it really was me (and not some book-buying cyber identity thief) and they turn it back on. Ok so whatever I try a different card. Same thing. Ok, so screw this I just put it on my debit card. The account has plenty of money in it. Refused anyway. What the hell? I went through a total of five different cards, all rejected.

There is a little window off to the size where you can “ask the community” for help, which is sort of like a mini message board among users where they can answer each other’s questions. The whole thing was full of “why won’t it take my card?!” type questions. Everyone was having problems.

So I tried online tech support which told me to “contact my credit card company.” “Ma’am, it isn’t my card. I’ve tried 5 different cards. Everyone on your community board is reporting the same errors. This is a problem with your software” so she said she would pass me on to tech support.

I hung up after 30 minutes on hold. I tried to call the number to pay by credit card over the phone, but was told that THAT wait was over an hour.

So has anyone else had this problem? More importantly, has anyone else FIXED it??

It could be that their credit card verification software or link was down so that everything was getting rejected. Is it still doing it today? It worked fine when I used it a week ago.

yeah last night and today both.