Turducken - Really hard to make?

How hard is it to make a Turducken? My biggest concern is that I have never deboned anything. How long does it take to cook one of these?


Bah. Just wait until I’m done preparing my osturducken. That’ll show ya!

You can buy them online, pre-stuffed, spiced etc. I searched recently on"turducken". They’re mega expensive tho. Something like $100 - 150, IIRC.


It’s pretty hard on the turkey, duck and chicken.

Turducken… Sounds like something you’d make the morning after eating a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken (what, they couldn’t squeeze a quail inside the chicken?)

You can do that, but you’d need a Cornish hen and a pheasant in between your chicken and quail, giving you a turduckencorpheail.

I wonder if anyone’s tried the tofurkey-in-a-turkey-in-another-tofurkey, aka the tofurkurkeyfurkey.

Now it sounds like a brain disease. Or a protozoa.

And a vague memory from seeing them on Food TV, they take a LONG time to cook. Would depend on the size, but I’m thinking 6 hours or more.

Maybe they just didn’t know what to name it–Turduckenail sounds like a brand of beer.

I think you could probably fit a finch inside that quail.

My wife cooked a turducken for Thanksgiving. She survived it but said “Well now that I’ve done that, I don’t need to do it again!” The hard part is deboning the three birds. Wrapping the duck around the chicken and the turkey around the duck/chicken is best done with two people. (Unless you have 3 – 4 hands yourself.) Preparation took the latter part of an evening. Not that bad. Cooking took 9 hours as it is done at a low temp. (225 deg F.) My mom got up early to put it in the oven for the 2 pm meal.

Mrs. H. looked around the web a bit and liked the recipe and instructions found here. The same site has a recipe for stuffed camel. (Includes 5 pounds of black pepper. “Serves friendly crowd of 80-100 people.”) :smiley:

She did it because two of our nephews have been talking about turduckens for a few years. It went over very well with one saying “This is the best Thanksgiving ever!) With the birds all being deboned it is very easy to cut. Somewhat like a roast. It was also very tasty.

I hope you try it. Good luck!

What? My osturducken isn’t good enough for you?

Maybe what we need is an osemuturduckencorpheail.

Cook’s Illustrated reviewed them and said, meh, to get it done you’re gonna get it dry.

I will never, ever eat any food that begins with “turd.” If there wasn’t a second i in “shiitake mushrooms,” I might not eat those either.

Hmmm… Is anyone up for some camgoatlamb?

That’s like an ounce of black pepper per serving. Who knew camel could ever taste so good.

And inside of that, honeyed larks’ tongues. And tiny bees.

(Why is there an ad for nuns headed “A world of love” at the bottom of this? Could it be the quail? Or the tofurkey? Or the camel?)

Surely, that would be larks’ tongues in aspic.

The original recipe for turducken was invented by Chef Paul Prudhomme (think Dom Deluise, only heavier). Here is the original recipe.

And, yes, it does take a long time to cook (about 12 hours–that’s without prep time).

You can get pre-prepared ones via mailorder if you wish.

I’ve never had one, but they sound good.