Turkish government bans YouTube and Twitter after damning leaks

From Al-Jazeera English:

And the audio leaks, if authentic, are very damaging indeed. This recording, purporting to be key members of the Turkish government and military, suggests that they were at least considering a false-flag operation in Syria:

I don’t speak Turkish but I have a Turkish friend who is inclined to believe this is genuine. The blogosphere is blowing this up into an indictment of all of NATO, but even if it’s just a few people in Turkey spitballing ideas the fact that the government reaction was to shut down large chunks of the Internet is worrying.

So - in the interest of justifying putting this in GD - is this a tempest in a teapot or indicative of a more disturing trend in Turkish politics?

Apparently, the leading party (the AKP) in Turkey also laid off something like 40 detectives in Istanbul who were investigating the allegations.

While it looks like the AKP are probably dirty, minus any police department to investigate and make arrests, there is always the possibility that everything is actually a conspiracy against them (however implausible). Overall, I think the President should make an announcement to the effect that, “The government needs to continue to function, and regardless of whether there is any truth or not to the allegations that have been made against the Prime Minister and his party, it is clear that the government is not able to effectively administer the state. I would ask that the current government step down, or failing that, that the people, businesses, and military ignore any laws and demands made by the current administration until they do so. We need a new election, so that the economy and laws of Turkey are not set adrift by matters that are relevant only to politicians, not the people of Turkey.”