Turkmenistan 5-0

Apparently you now have to take a 16 hour couse on the Sacred Scripture as revealed to the President for Life of Turkmenistan *to qualify for a driver’s license *there.

This purports to be a translation of the sacred document, though I cannot attest to its accuracy.

I can just hear the conversations:

The translation link was recommended to me by some Turkmen friends I met a few weeks ago. It’s not the smoothest prose in the world, but they say it brings the meaning across and well, the original ain’t the smoothest prose in the world, either. Should be accurate, in any case.

I 'd been thinking of starting a thread on this, but well, what can one say? Turkmenbashi is more than a bit of a wack job.

Maybe this is a 1920s Soviet-style copycat of the “what would Jesus drive” eco-christians.

Reading the thread title I thought this was about the release of a Nation-State upgrade named Turkmenistan 5.0.

As the only only Doper who’s actually been to Turmenistan (at least AFAIK), I can say without a shadow of a doubt that any kind of studying would improve the local standard of driving.

It’s obviously a new Soviet style surf show- Turkmenistan 5-0…
Di-di-di-di-di-deeee…di di di di di :slight_smile:

Recently I’ve found my car to be a place of intense prayer and introspection. At least since my surgery. Since I can’t drive yet, my daughter is my chauffeur, and that’s where the praying comes in…she can be a scary driver sometimes! And all that time I spend in the car with her, I try to keep my eyes closed, and think positive thoughts. Of course, she takes the car home with her at night, so I have no idea if she and the fiance are using it in a moral manner or not, but she’s keeping it clean!