Turn down thy collar, ruffian! (Mild Rant)

Excuse me, let me fix that for you.

Steadies drunk frat-tool at bar, grabs polo collar, and turns it down

Seriously…what the hell is up with the upturned polo collars on kids these days? Are they honestly trying to portray the message that “I’m preppy enough to wear a polo shirt, but also anti-establishment enough to wear the collar up to my ears.”
I realize I’m asking to be assaulted with all kinds of bizarre trends and such by being a 29 year old grad student at a major Midwestern drinking university, and by hitting the bars with my friends, who all hover around the age of 23, but SERIOUSLY.

Apparently this was an 80’s look, too. I am a child of the 80’s, and I don’t recall it, but I’m sure if these misguided youth were aware of this fact, they’d stop in a heartbeat.

Oh…and please take of the sweatbands from around your wrist while you’re at it. You’re here to drink, and I seriously doubt a tennis game is going to be breaking out any time soon.

Will on Big Brother 5 is the biggest offender. Tune in to CBS at 8:00 tonite to see whom I’m talking about.

Oh…I know the man whom you speak of. Speaking of that show…if the Mandana catches on and my students start wearing them, I am moving to Canada.

I’m 34 and my first question is what color parachute pants was he wearing?

Is that a retro version of the popular book on job hunting?

Actually, turning the collar up is the hallmark of prep. To keep your neck from getting sunburned while you’re on the deck of your sailboat.

Know what I can’t stand? People who get fixated on what other people wear, and how they wear it, and seek to “correct” them. MYOFB.

What amazes me more is how this habit just sprang out of nowhere, and how everyone “knows” to do it. Last fall, not a person was doing this (at least not in this town)…then all of a sudden…BAM! Gravity reversed itself on the collars of today’s college youth.

Wondering if there is some underground newsletter that I don’t get because I am over 25…if these kids could mobilize for something worthwhile as quickly as they are all clued into the latest trends, who knows what they could accomplish.

I was in my early 20s to 30 something in the 80s. I remember this as being a pretty common trend out and about dance clubs, but as I was long out of HS then and didn’t start college til 89, I don’t know if it was a HS or college trend or not.

I recall everyone in the 80’s wearing their collars upturned. On jackets, too- especially denim or your new Michael Jackson red studded leather jacket with all the zippers and buckles.

Where the hell do you drink at, St Elmo’s Fire?

You may be a child of the 80s, but at 29, you would have been 7 or 8 when people were wearing their collars up. Look at the “produced by” button at the end of the A-team to see an example.

I would rather see people with upturned collars from now till the day I die instead of seeing one more sorry fuck walking around with his ass hanging out of his pants. Great fashion statement, “I’m a dumb fuck who enjoys holding up my pants all day the waistband and having my ass hanging out”. Please let it end soon.

I often wore my collar up in high school along with the rest of the guys in my little social clique. It was inspired by Tommy Wonder, a junior on my rugby team who always turned the collar on his rugby jersey up for games. When we were freshmen we emulated him, later it was our own little ‘style.’

Ah, Michigan. Where trends hit months, years and sometimes decades after they hit the rest of the nation.

True. I was still in Osh Kosh B’gosh at the time.

Gaaaaah, I’m the CRYPTKEEEEPER…sigh.

I was a wild 20 something out dancing til 5am and then hitting “Jams” for burritos and 7up, and you were home in osh kosh jammies. I feel so ancient :smiley:

Okay, you’re making this up, right? Or it’s a reference to some book or something, right? Nobody is called Tommy Wonder.

The sweatbands are very 80s, too. It just seems to be the cool retro fad right now. Blame VH1 if you like.

I just hope that the 90s never come back. Once was enough.

looks up from cereal


[sub]Pfft, I don’t even WEAR polos…[/sub]