Turn on Guest Location Field

Obviously not a top priority, but it would be nice if we could see what guests have in their Location field.

Seconded, and post counts, too. Not so much so the guests themselves can look at them, but for the convenience of everyone else.

Vox Imperatoris

This is definitely a good idea; it’s frustrating when a Guest posts a region-specific answer but forgets to mention where they are.

Post counts I can take or leave, to be honest.

I for one will third that, too, forthwith.

(Can it get any worse?)

I’ll take a fourth or fifth of that.

It is rather disconcerting to not have an idea of where the poster is coming from. More relevantly, what is the harm in including location/post count? Does it really piss off the hamsters or what?

It is odd enough being a guest here, after so many years of being here. Isn’t there some middle ground?

In my opinion, treating such a frequent visitor as a “guest” implies a lack of familiarity. If I had a friend over for many years and still insisted on treating them like a “guest” it would be taken as a sign of distance and disrespect.

My voice here may be tiny, but count me in that Guest Location would be helpful.

I’m indifferent, because it works when the guest actually types something usefull in the location field.

It seems that half of the time, that space is used in an attempt to be witty:

Location: Through the Looking Glass

You will still have to break in and ask the poster to clarify matters.

The short-term plan that’s been communicated is to do away with the guest category and have everyone be a member. I doubt they’re going to make any extra changes between now and then.