Turning 21 in the MMP

Always a problem in Paris - you’d think they would have the good manners to foutre le camp and leave it to us tourists. Worth noting that the rest of France has the same opinion about Paris.

Up early (for us) today as DW has a hospital appointment. They say not to arrive more than ten minutes early but we don’t want to risk being late, so I guess we will spend a while sitting outside in the car.

Swampy beastloaf was declared almost a winner!

Bumba yes, grated cheddar would have been a better choice. I used cream cheese with cracked black pepper which worked well and melted into the rest of the mix, but it doesn’t have the melted stringy quality I would have wanted, nor the same taste. Lesson learned for next time.

hippie yes, it sounds very much like a “fattie” which is what I’ll be if I eat too much of it! We have neither bbq nor smoker here, heathens that we are…so into the oven it went.

shoe bacon medallions are essentially the top, fatter, half of a bacon rasher/strip. If I was making this again, I’d put it in a normal loaf tin lined with bacon rashers and then pull the ends of the bacon up over the top of the meatloaf, and put another strip or two down the middle. Cos it’s bacon, right?

flyboy I’m right in the middle of the UK!

wrapping your fattie in a bacon weave is quite common to do here:

Streaky? I don’t think I ever saw streaky bacon while I was in Scotland, other than at the commissary and aboard ship…