Turnstile Jumpers on the Red Line

Anyone know if there’s a place to post pictures of fare thieves? I saw a girl duck under the turnstile, then a boy right after her. They both looked very proud of themselves. Of course there was no attendant around, we all looked! Their smug faces really irked me. I followed them up to the platform and got a pic of the boy, then followed the girl onto a car and sat opposite her so I could pretend to tap on my phone while composing a picture. Wasn’t easy on the moving train with a crappy phone camera, I tells ya!

But I got fairly good shots of them both and would like to share with interested CTA people. Not that I expect anything to come of it.

The obvious advice is to check around the CTA website. You could also contact CTA Tattler, a blog on the ChicagoNow site. http://www.chicagonow.com/cta-tattler

So you’re thinking that Chicago Police Department will put these into their Facial Recognition Technology wizard, pull their names and addresses, and go arrest people based on some random guy sending in a picture of them riding the train?

Oh, wait, I forgot. They were smug. That must violate some kind of ordinance.

Why shouldn’t I be mad at people who skip out, illegally if I have to point that out, on fare that I dutifully pay for? I’m wondering if someone might have a place for posting pictures of CTA no-goods, like a wall of shame for those caught fare jumping and smoking, pissing and puking and whatnot. If no one has started something like this, maybe someone should.

Or, I expect the great City of Chicago to run facial recognition software between my pictures and the ones they surely already have on file, taken with those new HD cameras that were installed a couple weeks ago. Just like in the movies, snarkypants.

Maybe if you post the pictures on facebook, their new facial recognition software will be able to accurately tag them.

George Orwell would be proud!

Doubt it would do much good. Once I saw two or three kids hop the turnstiles at the Chicago Red Line stop in PLAIN SIGHT of a Chicago cop sitting right there. I signaled toward him, pointed at the kids, and he just shrugged.