"Tuscan Whole Milk" for sale on Amazon. WTF?

My first thought was that this is some sort of ultra-pasteurized product that doesn’t require refrigeration.

But look at the page listing the third party sellers. There are 10 sellers listing prices ranging from $48.00 to $10,000.00.

Some sample descriptions from sellers:

Obviously it’s all one big joke, but what’s going on here? Did someone list this as a joke and then other “sellers” piled on? Can anyone post as a third party seller? Doesn’t Amazon do some kind of screening of sellers?

It’s been going on for like ten years. I think that it started out as a serious but accidental listing and Amazon let the joke go on.

I can’t remember if this was before or after the three wolf moon shirt. But hajario has it right, at one point a couple of years back someone discovered that Amazon had accidentally??? listed Tuscan whole milk for some price in the hundreds of dollars (presumably a decimal point error), but the pranksters started in with fake reviews about the quality of this expensive milk and the meme was born.

Miniature Himalayan mice-cows? heh…

Oratorios go great with milk.