TV Buszzing _ Brightness Control

My TV makes a buzzing noise. This noise does not come from the speakers. It increases when the brightness on the TV is turned up. And decreases to the point where it is not noticeable with the brightness turned all the way down. What could this be? Is it something I could fix? Can this be fixed?

Well, um, I am not an electrician, or anything remotely trained in the electrical fields (haw I make joke ¬_¬), but if you are near power lines, can you hear them? Does the TV’s volume tune it out? If so it may simply be a sensitivity to such noises, like was discussed in a thread way back when, I don’t know if we hear better, or are sensitive to electricity or what. But basically there is a subset of the population who can hear electrical noises that others cannot, from lamps to power lines to TVs that were turned off but didn’t actually turn off all the way, so there’s no channel or volume but you can still turn it off, or other such things. Such noise comes not from the speakers, at any rate. If it is this, I don’t know if it can be stopped outside of going deaf or having tinnitis.

On the other hand, if it IS drowning out the TV’s regular noise, and you have no known sensitivity to such electrical noises, maybe it’s infected with ghosts or something, I’m sure if you wait a bit an electrician will pop up and help you out. And per brightness, I dunno if that means it’s definitely the TV’s problem, or definitely a sensitivity. I have sensitivity to certain types of light bulbs, but only if they’re on a dimmer, and are low set. Try telling what type of TV you have, that might lend some insight, if it is a vacuum tube or projection or how old it is, etc. I’m not entirely sure what would constitute proper statistics for such a thing.

And welcome to the SDMB, too, of course.

No, the TV volume has no effect on the noise. I was thinking that one of the wires in the TV was not properly shielded. Is this possible?

I had that with my old TV, and we even had a thread about it. You probably have an old set, and the buzzing sound happens when there’s lots of white in the picture, especially when there’s white type. Right?

If that’s the case, it’s something that happens with TVs of a certain age, and the only solution is to get a new set.