TV computer card question

OK, just starting to think about playing around in the guts of my computer now that I have learned how to build a basic computer … and I was browsing a parts page.

I got to looking at the video cards and found this tv on computer card . And so I got to wondering. Can i just plunk this into my box next to my regular video card, and jack in the line from my cable box? Does this mean I can just use a monitor instead of buying a replacement tv for the crappy ancient tv in the bedroom?

Are you sure that’s the right link? That’s an external device, not an internal card.

sigh well it wasnt when I thought I was snagging the correct url for putting here…
try this one


I just bought one of those fancy new Windows Media Center Edition machines and I totally love it.

It came with this card installed.

I got totally hooked on the Tivo-style recording aspect of it, so I bought a second card to avoid channel conflicts and a second hard drive to hold the recorded video.


  1. It all works seamlessly with Windows MCE, no additional software needed.
  2. If you don’t have Windows MCE, you will need to install their PVR software (probably quite decent)
  3. The card I have does the MPEG compression in hardware. This is significant.
  4. The card I linked to doesn’t come with the remote – I already had that. You would want to find a card with remote (that same card comes with the remote if you pay about 20 bucks more.
  5. Make sure you have a big honkin’ hard drive. It’s awful convenient to record series that you like and you will find yourself with hundreds of gigs of video in no time.


Though I am not into lots of tv programs [i tend to watch documentaries and movies mainly, if I did record something it would be to burn it to a dvd rather than keeping it in HDD.] This would go a long way in cutting down on excess electronic crap in the bedroom … it is a tiny bedroom, and with 2 or 3 computers there isnt much space for a tv as well =)

That is exactly how I figured I’d use it.

The reality (for me) is this:

o I tell it to automatically record “MythBusters” and some similar shows whenever they show.
o I add a few other shows (e.g. my wife likes “What Not To Wear”)
o I procrastinate the editing/DVD burning for awhile
o Suddenly I find a backlog of dozens and dozens of shows waiting burning.

Additional info you didn’t ask for:

o I use a tool called VideoRedo to edit out all of the commercials. It’s sweet.
o I then use Nero to burn the DVDs.

Hm, I have nero and have as adjuncts dvd ghost and dvd43, though a friend of mine who is away on vacation has a cute little program that will also let you cut a long vid into parts so you can split a double layer dvd into 2 dvds, or let you pick and choose which parts of the multiple chapters you want to dub, but he is out of town on business and I cant emember the name of the program.

I am pretty good about watching the stuff I record, because I really only like one series [house] and maybe 3 or 4 documentaries or movies a week enough to want to save them. I do have some ancient vid tapes I would love to dub onto dvd though=)

If you want to go a little farther, ATI makes a video card with the TV tuner built in, plus an FM receiver AND a remote to run it. It also gives you the TIVOish options.
This supports the remote, but it doesn’t look like the remote is included. I can’t find a link right now to the version with the remote included.

sob but it wont make my coffee in the morning …

damn, the electronic hearth is closer to reality :cool:

Coffee? For coffee you need this that I saw in a store last weekend.

Or, for the more daring.