TV Critics

Okay, I’m having a rant. This is in particular reference to Garry Bushell from the Sun (, one of the most arrogant dicksmacks I have ever read.

  1. If you found a program dull from the start, stop watching. Simple. Some programs do get better, but if you turn on a drama about old ladies drinking tea, you can usually tell that it will follow the same pace. And if the first episode in a series was poor, then by all means try the second episode, but if it continues to be poor, don’t watch. Yes, I know its your job to look at whats bad on TV, and whats good, but justify it. Simple.

  2. Slating someone’s looks or personality without their consent (i.e. them joking about their voice first) is not acceptable. It makes you look like a bad journalist who cannot cope with watching the program. I know that Actor X is fat, or Presenter Y has an annoying voice. I don’t need you to tell me. And even if you did find their voice annoying, whats to say that very others do? It takes guts to go on screen and host a show or act in a drama, so cut them some slack. Same if their acting was bad. It makes it no more right to print, but at least is relevant to the show.

  3. People on quiz shows don’t always know the answer, so they guess. Are you an oracle of all knowledge? Did you get 100% on every single exam you ever took in your life? I doubt it, because if you did, you wouldn’t be reviewing gardening shows in a newspaper.

  4. What makes your opinion more important than mine? I watch a lot of TV (too much, IMHO) and have the ability to A) string two words together, and B) form my own opinion, so why don’t I get a page in a newspaper? I am also witty (apparently), never repeat myself, don’t talk shit, and don’t repeat myself. Makes me more qualified than you.

  5. Someone said “come” or “balls” in an unfortunate context. lololol haha u rool u r funny :rolleyes: It happens. Get over it. If I wanted childish humour, I’d watch MTV. I’m reading a newspaper. Giving £25 to anyone who watches an Arsenal game (and hear’s David Seamen’s name mentioned) is not great journalism, is it?

  6. Pretty girls with big breasts have their place in magazines :wink: :smiley: and it is not just for you to make smutty comments and point out (point out!! haha :rolleyes:) when they are on TV. Admittedly, there is nothing like a little eye candy, but it does nothing for your reputation.

  7. Some shows do get less viewers. Some shows are not ‘mainstream’. Some shows are deep and intelligent. Accept them or slate them? I know what I do. Accept it and move on. I know its your job to point these things out, but having seen your show, (two men answer questions on women, and two women take their tops off. Yay. :rolleyes: ) I really don’t think you should comment.

Here in the Omaha,NE area, the local daily newspaper has a pompous ass of a so-called movie critic who hates Bill Murray.

All one can glean from a Jim Delmont piece on ANY movie with Bill Murray in the cast is “How can ANYONE think Bill Murray has any right to air or water? Delmont thinks him
unworthy and therefore decrees that he suck an exhaust pipe
till death.”

Why does this man’s editor send him to review Bill Murray movies? Delmont could at least say things to the effect of:“I liked the movie in almost every way, but they could have cast a better actor than Bill Murray and made it even more enjoyable for those people who , like me, find Murray off-putting,”: OR “Even with a Real comedian in the role of…, this movie would stink.” If he did this, the reader could have some inkling as to whether the movie is worth his/her time and money. EVERYBODY who has lived more than a week in Eastern Nebraska knows that Delmont hates Bill Murray; NOBODY knew whether or not to wait until “Charlie’s Angels” hit the bargain bin in the video stores before seeing it.

The paper has 3 movie critics. Why won’t they send one of the others to the theater the next time a Bill Murray movie hits town?

I agree with the last poster on the subject of local-yokel critics, in general. If they were any good, they wouldn’t be here in this godforesaken icebox. They’d be posting syndicated columns from Barbados or some other decent clime.