Tv Gurus help please re:35" Mitsubishi TV

I need to know where I can find the PIP module in the set. I recently bought this unit used and the video is not working correctly. If I turn on PIP mode it shows compressed with a line through it.

I know from various Google searches that the PIP module goes bad. According to one site the cure if you are going going to use PIP is to Remove the VP plug and solder a 4.7 mfd 35/50 volt electrolytic capacitor between pins 5 and 11 of the VP connector with the pos lead to pin 5. Solder a .01 cap between pins 7 and 9

I don’t know where to purchase the caps from nor where to find the PIP module in the set.

I have a friend who used to run an arcade and did electronic work on the screens they use so I have someone comfortable in working with this.

You can get the caps form DigiKey or Jameco, or Radio Shack if you’re desperate and are willing to pay 1000% markup. Also, if your friend did those kinds of repairs he probably has what you need laying around.

If you post the model number, someone here might have access to a Sams Photofact database which would have all the information and schematics you’ll need. I have access but only if I go to the library, I can’t do it from home. Or you can see if your library has a subscription.

I can’t get to the back of the set to verify but I believe it is the Mitsubishi CS-35505.

I doubt my friend has the parts because he hasn’t had the arcade for 8 years.

4.7 uF is a standard value. 35-50 WVDC is readily available. I probably have some laying around if you can’t find a local source.

If I were ordering from DigiKey what parts would I need?

Digi-Key part# P1199-ND looks suitable.

Thanks what about the .01 cap that I’m told I will also need?

399-3504-ND should do.

Thanks. I’ll order tomorrow and hopefully my friend will be able to get the set working by this weekend.