TV help

My brothers APEX tv broke. I cracked it open and took out the blown fuse. It was a 125V 4A. I went and bought another one. It was a little different, the one in the set had two little balls on the wire. The knew one is GMA, whatever taht means, but the guy at radio shack said it didnt matter. I put a new one in, and it blew it right away. Tried the second fuse and it also blew. What is wrong?! Too much power?

Something else in the TV is broken, a short or something causing the fuse to blow. The TV needs to be repaired, replacing the fuse won’t help anything.

I’m sure someone else will come along and say this as well but be REALLY REALLY careful when you take apart a TV. Even if it’s been unplugged for a while some of those capacitors still have the potential to kill or at least give you a real nasty burn/shock.

Former TV repair guy here.
Please take it to a shop. If you continue to put in fuses and watch them pop, you may make the problem worse, and you do take a risk poking around in there.

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Apex 27’’ TV
Brand/Model: APX SP271


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