Poll: Should I get my TV fixed? Cost-Benefit Analysis...

Here are the details:

–TV is Insignia 32" plasma HDTV 720p
–Purchased new for ~$500 in December of 2008 from Best Buy. No extended warranty purchased:smack:
–Failed last week due to, according to TV repair place, a power module.
–TV place can fix this for sure in 4-5 business days for $295; TV is no longer in warranty.

I’m thinking I can find a comparable TV for that price and have it **now, **not in 5 days. Plus, if the power module went out this soon, what’s to keep the new one–or some other part–from crapping out?

One followup question: If I tell the repair place that I don’t want the TV fixed, am I right in thinking he needs to pay me something to keep it, for parts or whatever?

Thanks for all your input…:slight_smile:

For that amount of money the replacement TV you get would be getting about the same thing. It’s almost never a good idea to get a TV fixed, especially when you’re talking about a 32" 720p Insignia. Might as well upgrade while you’re at it, y’know? Anything under 42" I’d recommend going LCD- the advantages of plasma are minimal to non-existent on smaller screens.

As for the followup question, I’d imagine that the repairman would give you something for your busted TV, though I wouldn’t expect much.

I vote “no”. Right now at Best Buy you can get a 32" Sony Bravia LCD HDTV (1080p) for $494.00. Spending $300.00 to fix a low quality (sorry) non-HDTV just doesn’t make much sense to me.

As for the shop paying you to keep the old one, I think that is a great idea in theory but pretty unlikely they’re going to be willing to do that. In fact, they’ll probably charge you a labor charge for looking at the tv and diagnosing the issue.

No, I perfectly agree that the TV is low quality:D.

Do you have a Blu-Ray player? If not there’s no point in shelling out extra $$$ for 1080p.

I have a PS3. But I don’t watch a lot of rental movies. When I have the time, I play video games.

Okay. Then it’s your call whether you need or care about the higher resolution. If you don’t then you’ll surely be able to get a pretty nice 720p for $500.

and BTW as far as broadcast and cable are concerned, 720p is HDTV.

Don’t expect this place to want your old television. They would probably charge you for disposable.

Hmmm…Something else to consider.