Ok so my HDTV died.

I was the proud owner of a 30" Sony KD-30XS955 last night it hissed popped and flashed and went dead. I thought it was my satellite going out because it was stormy. I turned it off and back on and nothing. Not even the Video 1 showed up on the screen. I am sure i can get it repaired but it is out of warranty and am not sure the price? would be worth it. It had some Geomoerty and overscan issues but i loved it. Now i am thinking in investing in a new one. What type should i get? My old one is a tube which was/is still better then stuff out now but most companies do not make them anymore. I was thinking of something about ~30 inches and less then a grand if at possible please tell me your suggestions. And the pros and cons

You can get a Samsung 40" 1080p LCD display for £770.

Sony Bravia 32" LCD

I have the 40" version and it’s crystal clear.

I just had my HDTV monitor repaired for $300. I had a transformer fail in a sparking, smoking fashion. It might be worth the service call (approx. $100) fee to see if repairing the set is substantionally cheaper than getting a new one.

In my case the $300 was for the service call, part, labor and after he was finished he cleaned and adjusted the screen and picture.

That contrast ration 1000:1 seems a little low to me, the lowest i have seen. I play alot of video games have you noticed any contrast issues? What is BRAVIA? I am fimiliar with Sony Trinton technology but not BRAVIA

Hmm maybe it will be worth having them come out to see espically if they will fix the gemorty issues.

Sorry. I meant to link to this 32" Sony. Contrast ration of 8000:1. $1,000.

Bravia is just the name Sony uses on it’s LCD sets. Much like the Trinitron or Wega labels.

Thats actually one i was looking at. I am just still debating on to have them come out and take a look at it for a fee or just buy a new one. My refund check is going to get me out of debt and I am about to buy a new tv… :mad:

I have that Sony 32" (the 32S3000). Got it at the local TV store for just over $700. It’s awesome. I think I read somewhere consumer reports rated it the best in its class, FWIW.

Nitpick: Trinitron refers (or referred) to a specific CRT design patented by SONY, using a aperture grille rather than the more conventional shadow mask. But I think you’re right about BRAVIA being just a marketing term, not a term for a specific technology.
Anyway… I’m in the market for something similar and noticed that the Sharp Aquos 32" LCD TV has 1080p resolution, at pretty much the same price. Would I still be better with the higher resolution SONY model?

Is this the right place for this?

Is it an LCD projection TV? If so, it’s probably the bulb. Those cost about $300, but are easy to replace yourself. Did you go through the trouble shooting section of your owner’s manual? Sometimes these TVs will have little indicator lights along the panel to tell you want is wrong.

I know the LCD flat panel displays have improved, but I find that plasmas give a clearer picture. LCDs are good for high ambient light conditions, as they have very little glare. But you probably won’t find any plasmas under 40" these days.

Sharp Aquos are generally well-liked. HOWEVER, the tv you linked to is NOT 1080, look at its native resolution in the specs, it is 1366 x 768. Which gives you 720p, any 1080 signal put into this tv will be changed to 720p to be displayed at its native resolution. Salesmen will generally tell you that you won’t notice the difference in resolution at this size of tv – I’m not certain of that, but I do have a 720p 32" LCD tv and am very happy with it. It’s an off-brand tv that I got CHEAP from woot.com (brand: HannSpree, price: $495 and that is including shipping).

Oops, sorry for the confusion, I meant to link to the Sharp Aquos LC32D62U which I believe is true 1080p.

Its a CRT TV, for 300 bucks i might as well spend another 4 and get a brand new tv i think

You would think a TV that cost that much would last longer than an 80 dollar Wal-Mart model- sheesh!

Yup I know. I have an old tv that is older then i AM! Usually I like Sony products. I know these things are massed produced and its impossible to make sure they are all perfect i just wished the warranty lasted longer.

Okay, yup that’s true 1080. And nice price.

Whether you notice the difference in resolution or not would depend on how close you were to the screen. For a 32" set, you’d have to be pretty damn close. By the way, nothing is “1080”-- it’s either 1080i or 1080p. 1080p is rapidly becoming the new standard, but I personally don’t think it’s worth the extra dough. Problem is, it’s getting harder and harder to find 1080i or 720p sets.

For a 32" set I personally don’t think 1080p is worth the extra bucks. For the reason like you said you’d have to be sitting pretty damn close and because the only way you’re going to see a 1080p picture is with a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD disc and player.
Cable/Satellite HD programing and standard DVDs will look the same on both sets.

As far as 1080i, only CRT sets can display that natively. It’s CRT that’s becoming harder to find.