TV Mashups

In this game, the object is to take a suggested mashup from the previous poster and think of two shows in those genres that have similar casts, even though their settings are different. List the two shows you chose, the characters of each show that could be interchangeable, and add a short reason for choosing that setup.

The genres are:
Classic drama - Dallas, The Waltons, CHiPs
Modern drama (aired on primetime within the last 10 or so years) - Game of Thrones, This is Us, Downton Abbey
Classic sitcom - I Love Lucy, All in the Family, Happy Days, Good Times, Seinfeld
Modern sitcom (aired on primetime within the last 10 or so years) - Modern Family, black-ish, Friends, The Goldbergs
Science Fiction - Star Trek (any), Lost in Space, Battlestar Galactica (either)
Procedural - Law & Order (any), House, CSI (any), Dragnet
Western - Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Deadwood

Soaps could be considered drama, if you want to go there.

Reality TV casts are usually temporary, so I wouldn’t recommend that genre. Same for Game shows, and anthology series such as Twilight Zone.

So, say I’m handed Modern sitcom and Science Fiction. I choose black-ish and ST: DS9.

Dre/Sisko - patriarchs of their shows
Junior/Jake - skinny gawky sons
Mr. Stevens/Quark - shameless opportunists
Ruby/Kai Wynn - overzealous busybodies
Charlie Telphy/Odo - weirdos with mysterious pasts

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So, The Andy Griffith Show & Constantine:

Andy/Constantine - eligible bachelor leads
Barney/Chas - sidekick screw-ups
Aunt Bea/Manny - sometimes censorious authority figure
Goober/Zed - hanger-on who’s amazed by Andy’s/John’s brilliance

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