hybrid tv shows you'd love to see

For example:

Roseanne (Barr) visits Star Trek: the Next Generation.

Marv Albert (the sportscaster) hosts The Price is Right.

Eddie Haskell (Leave it to Beaver) as one of the castaways on Gilligan’s Island.

Mix any soap i.e. “Days of our Lives” with Jerry Springer.

Let the good times roll!

“American Gladiators” and “Jeopardy”. Every once in a while replace the Final Jeopardy or Daily Double round with a good pugil stick fight.

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

Gilligans Island + Star Trek Voyager.
Where there is a planet just like Gilligan’s Island- with the same characters- and of course, a professor that could build anything other than a spaceship.

Connections & The Brady Bunch:

James Burke walking through Brady history, showing us how Buddy Hinton, Mr. Hanalei, Joe Namath and the Dittmeyers’ dog are subtly yet inextricably related.

“Where there is clarity, there is no choice. And where there is choice, there is misery. But then, why should I speak, since I know nothing?”

How about Jeffrey Dahmer visits the Olsen (sp?) twins on Full House? I hate those talentless troglodytes.


Whoops. Or even more fun, “When Animals Attack” and “Full House”.

Wonko, there actually was a Saturday morning cartoon with that very premise.

Imagine * All in the Family * crossbred with * Benson * or * The Cosby Show. *
The problem is, Archie Bunker would be humiliated so often he wouldn’t be funny anymore.

Martin Lawrence in Green Acres
Cliff Clavin in Dynasty
Maude in Father Knows Best
Jeannie in NYPD Blue

That sounds more like Unlikely Casting, Gilligan.
But now that you brought it up, how about:
Bob Saget as Jesus in * King of Kings *
Madonna as * Pippi Longstocking *
Andy Rooney as Norman Bates in * Psycho *
Robin Williams in place of Dennis Franz on * NYPD Blue *
Zero Mostel as Peter Pan
Bill Clinton and Kenneth Starr in * Waiting for Godot *
Hulk Hogan as * Forrest Gump *
Joan Collins as Veronica Lodge in * to Riverdale and Back *

How about:

Each week Special Guest Stars play swinging singles and newlyweds who vacation in a small town called Trinity, where their relationships are put to the test by the Devil himself, in Love, American Gothic

In a bizarre court decision on busing, the sweathogs are forced to attend Beverly Hills High in Welcome Back, 90210.

Well known science teacher is found to be a mass murderer and is sentenced to life where he becomes Mr. Wizard of OZ.

Gomez and Morticia invite their relatives the Keatons to stay in their mansion, in Addams Family Ties.

Maris Crane and Vera Peterson, both newly divorced, decide to share an apartment, where they have a doorman named Carlton. It’s The Show Without a Cast

After Mike Brady runs off with Alice, Carol moves the kids to Chicago, where she falls for newly divorced Al Bundy, in {i]Married with How Many Children? Oh, God!*.

Latka Gravis moves south and gets a job as a mechanic on The Dukes of Hazard, Thank You Very Much.

McMahon and Tate is bought out by Amanda Woodward Advertising, and Darrin, Samantha, and Larry are forced to move to LA. It’s witch vs. bitch in The New Melrose Place.

Teen angst sometimes leads to violent crime, as we find out in Homicide - My So Called Life on the Streets.


Four older women friends decide to supplement their Social Security incomes by becoming dancers on Solid Golden Girls.

A lonely widower with a young son adopts two inner-city youths in The Courtship of Malcolm and Eddie’s Father.

Will and Grace (and ‘just Jack’) move to LA, where their new friend Ellen is always hitting on Grace. They have all kinds of fun at the beach in Gaywatch.

Deciding that their favorite kids show needs a more realistic look, PBS adds some new characters and changes the name to Sesame St. Blues.

A couple of years ago, UPN did a special about Star Trek. It was mostly speeches and award ceremonies, but they did an “episode” of Voyager hybridized with Frasier.

The only character from the actual Voyager series was Capt. Janeway. All the other positions were held by the (extremely neurotic) Frasier characters, who were charicatures of themselves in the series.

The ship was under attack by Klingons. The Klingon commander beamed over to Voyager’s bridge with Frasier’s little terrier tucked under his arm, and declared that “We found your creature on the Klingon home world. He was digging up the azalea bushes!” and threatened war against the Federation if it ever happened again.

Well, I guess you had to be there.

The Cat In The Hat

" Married , With Children" fused with " Leave It TO Beaver"
“Married, With Beaver.”

    Al finally gets some when Peggy aint around!!!!!!!

Lucy: Warrior Princess
A red-headed barbarian woman wanders the ancient world with her blond sidekick getting into wacky adventures.

Beverly Hillbillies 90210
Teens from the backwoods of Arkansas struggle to fit in at their new high school in Beverly Hills.

The X-Zone: The Cigarette Smoking Man narrates the introduction to tales from the FBI’s unusual files.

Bear takes over as host of a popular game show - Win Gentle Ben Stein’s Money

James Bond-type host shows us the animals of the western U.S. in their natural habitat in Wild Wild Kingdom

Gomer Pyle, Sargeant Carter, and the rest of company B are sent to Vietnam, near China Beach, Gollee!

Former MASH surgeon leaves the medical profession after the war and tries comedy - Frank Burns and Allen

Millionaire Thurston Howell III goes into business with another eccentric millionaire. The whole gang and I go to work for Mr. Roarke on Gilligan’s Fantasy Island

The cast of NYPD Blue is joined by the cast of Barney Miller.The cast of Law And Order is joined by the cast of Night Court. The cast of the film Alive is joined by the cast of Facts Of Life.The MD telethon cast are joined by an aging Jewish comic who does a tribute to Al Jolson(wait a sec! That did happen!).

A time warp strands a film critic on a twenty-fourth century space station, in Sisko and Ebert.

Remember, I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together.
—Red Green

The cast of ER is joined by the cast of M.A.S.H. If Barney Miller and NYPD Blue joined together Fish(Abe Vigoda) will probably be the 1st Barney Miller cast member to drop his pants.