Unlikely story lines for TV episodes

Taake a TV show, current or past, and suggest a plot line not too likely to appear in it.
For example:
X-Files: Scully and Mulder are assigned to an investigation of paranormal phenomena as phony as those from Scooby-Doo.
The Simpsons: Burns, shopping at Apu’s convenience store, is distracted from his conversation with the Comic-Book Guy by the sight of Selma and Patty, and starts trying to get them to notice him.
Frasier: Martin visits the station and, not only does he fall for Roz, when Frasier suddenly leaves the booth Martin gets on the air and becomes an instant hit.
NYPD Blue: Sipowicz is pulled from homicide detail and gets assigned to represent the Department in court, at plea-bargaining sessions.

Sex and the City: Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha all get married to well-adjusted, happy, straight men and live happily ever after in rural Oklahoma.

Friends: a person in a minority group makes a guest appearance on the show. They like him so much, they invite him to stay.

Star Trek: Kirk says “damn the Prime Directive.” His decision proves fatal for him and his crew.

Three’s Company: Sally Struthers overhears a conversation and thinks they’re talking about something else. Mass chaos and hilarity ensues as the confusion is carried out through the entire episode, resulting in many outlandish situations and actions.

Buffy: The infamous all gay, all naked episode. Complete with Willow/Tara smoochies and a guest appearance by Faith.

Star Trek: They actually follow the Prime Directive and leave a primitive alien society alone. Later, they realize it was the right thing to do.

ER: they break a rule to save a patient, the patient dies horribly, and the hospital is sued into bankruptcy.
Law&Order: Murder remains unsolved. No suspects, nothing.
L&O:SVU: Fake Rape! Complete with false arrests, massive negative publicity and everyone fired.
The News: Gore concedes, admits that the whole florida election mess was orchestrated by the media overlords to increase ratings.

SEINFELD: An episode starts with a teaser, which immediately leads into two acts of tightly-plotted narrative which eventually wraps up ina clever denouement, with not a plot strand out of place.

MAS*H: Colonel Potter notices that the male staff of the 4077th (and most of the wounded soldiers) have extremely long hair, considering it is the military and the 1950s, immediately orders all hair to be cut. Also orders Hawkeye and BJ to stop espousing political and social views ten-fifteen years ahead of their time.

STAR TREK: In a tense moment of epiphany, Kirk actually allows Spock to finish a statement, instead of interrupting him and blurting out the answer.

DRAGNET (67-70): Not really a new episode here, but taking a typical show, I slow down the rapid-fire delivery so-loved by Webb and his stable of charcter actors to something approaching normal vocal delivery, only to discover that the average episode actual clocks in at 2 hours and 37 minutes in length.


(any currently running teen drama - ie Dawson’s Creek) - Teenagers realize they are teenagers and stop talking like they’ve swallowed the entire OED.

Frasier - Frasier buys a GASP! cheap domestic wine, downs the whole bottle and wakes up with a hangover that could kill a herd of stampeding rhinos AND LIKES IT!

Family Matters - Someone beats the living crap out of Urkel and the cop guy (sorry, I don’t know ANY other character names) refuses to arrest the assailant.

Full House - Eathquake destroys the house and EVERYBODY IN IT.

Lost In Space - The family, low on supplies, kills and eats Dr. Smith (Oh! the pain!)

Any Star Trek show - The Federation does an intense study on the holodecks and realizes they just aren’t safe and shuts them all down until further notice.

Peanuts - Charlie Brown finally snaps and kicks Lucy to death and ends up in a straight jacket in a rubber room.
(I’m sorry, did I actually type that?)

Seinfeld - Black people are discovered in New York City. Jerry makes a lame joke about it and they all move away.

SIMPSONS: Bart actually learns respect for an adult.

STAR TREK VOYAGER: Janeway takes a daring risk, and the entire ship and crew are destroyed when it fails.

KUNG FU (or Walker Texas Ranger, or any show where the hero is a supreme martial artist): After beating the stuffing out of a gang of thugs, the hero is gunned down from fifty feet away.

ANY WB NETWORK AFRICAN-AMERICAN SITUATION COMEDY: The male lead is mature and responsible. He’s married to a black woman who’s darker than Whoopie Goldberg.

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (any): The lead character keeps on being the same prick they’ve always been. Christmas is ruined when the gifts and decorations are destroyed.

COP SHOW: A cowboy cop breaks the rules to bring the criminal to justice. The cop is thrown off the force and becomes a security guard at a warehouse. After the drug dealer is imprisoned, the flow of drugs is back to normal in a month. He plea bargains and gets a reduced sentence, and is out of prison in three years.

TEEN SHOW: When the son loses the big game, his father berates him for being a failure. The teens that break curfew to go out partying have a great time with no consequences.

“The cop guy” is Carl. (And I’m horribly ashamed for knowing that.)

The Facts of Life: The one where Tootie loses her anal virginity. Mrs. Garret is giving her advice from her wilder youthful days. Jo is telling her how it is no big deal and to use plenty of KY. Blair is unusually quiet, trying to hide her deep dark secret. Natelie is all bug eyed in awe and wonderment and decides to research it at the library. The episode ends with a shot of a large penis almost penetrating Tootie’s quivering butt, then those dreaded words appear on the screen:
To Be Continued

That '70s Show: In this week’s heartwarming episode, Red, Eric, and the rest of the gang travel to Fez’s native village, where they learn the true meaning of Christmas. And nobody says “ass.”

Three for Star Trek: Voyager

  • An alien adversary actually listens to Janeway for at least sixty seconds before cutting communications and firing phasers.

  • The episode starts with the ship NOT looking like it just came out of spacedock.

  • Harry Kim gets a promotion.

Wheel of Fortune: All the phrases are titles of obscure German operas.

Lumpy, I must protest!

If you were to pay attention, you would realize that Bart loves and respects Krusty the Klown, AKA Krusty Krustofferson.

Mash: You actually see the 12+ snowdrifts they had in Korea during the war. :slight_smile:

Any show with a gay character: Person is normal, not in the slightest bit funny, and doesn’t otherwise look like a model.

Oh, and you’ll see an inteligent, unfunny fat person (outside of that ubermelodrama, the practice.) on tv.

Saint Zero, did you ever see Martin Mull’s gay character on Roseanne? apparently the humor ensuing from his character (Leo?) resulted from the reaction of Dan, Roseanne, Roseanne’s mother, Jackie, and the others (all straight except for one woman) at the diner who dealt with him. The only other one I can think of offhand–and this is stretching it, I admit–is Smithers of The Simpsons. Am I accurate here?

Friends: The one with syphalis.

Dawsons Creek: Any one of the kids does something they are sure is right, but since they’re only 17, is actually exactly wrong. No fantastic “saving the day” or incredible enlightenment. Just a giant SNAFU.

Oh, another Friends: One or the other of them gets crabs and everything in the apartment has to be burned due to the level of infestation. Also, Rachel tries anal.

NYPD Blue: Sipowitz makes an outlandishly racist remark that turns out to be exactly right.

Friends, its Hershel Krustofsky! ::big sigh::

Simpsons- Episode opens with Lisa realizing its fun to burn ants and torture squirrels…and closes with Homer getting a job at the Krusty Burger. (And KEEPING it!)

Boston Public- No one has a sexual affair with a student, expels a student. Nobody dies. The history class students have a particularly enlightening debate on the causes of World War II, and then we watch the English teacher actually…teach! :slight_smile:

That’s all I can think of.
Oh yeah…
Who Wants to be a Millionaire- Regis comes on the show in a tie dyed shirt, ripped jeans, and birkenstocks. The word “arse” is used in one of the questions.

Star Trek: Vovager - Someone steals the doctor’s portable emitter and uses it to run “Holo-Slut 9000” in their quarters.

Keeping Up Appearances-- While Hyacinth serves tea to the postman and Liz in old jelly jars, she gently corrects the postman; explaining to him that her name rhymes with “suck it” before rushing off to help Rose get ready for a date and lend Daisy a hand as she cleans her house.