Unlikely story lines for TV episodes

Implying that I might have watched Roseanne at one point is a fatal error. I refuse to watch anything labeled “Sitcom” on general principle. So, no, I didn’t see it.

I do know that Smithers didn’t start out to be the “Gay” character, but has ended up being one. I’m glad he isn’t played for laughs, but…er… straight, so to speak. :slight_smile:

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Pokemon - Ash instructs his pokemon in the tried-and-true technique of going for the 'nads.

South Park - The boys realize that it isn’t polite to curse like sailors.

Star Trek: Any series. The crew encounters a civilization in the middle of a serious technological crisis. The crew can’t solve the problem. Dang, they say, as they set course for a different system.

Any Show with Female Main Characters

A character who gasp doesn’t want kids! gasp Ever! I’m not talking about the whole show being about this, just having one female character who solidly stands in not wanting to get married and be a mommy. And NOT changing her mind when she “meets the right man” etc. etc.

The West Wing

The president gets assassinated. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, I just think it’d be interesting.

Sabrina: The Teenage Witch

Sabrina accidentally makes everything disappear. For Good.

Felicity and Ally McBeal

Felicity/Ally stop pursuing meaningless relationships with idiot men and become lesbians.

Gawd I suck at this, but I need to up my post count!

Ally McBeal: someone politely knocks before entering the bathroom.

And I thought I hallucinated that. Either way it was cool. Why do you think I started watching Living Single?

Seinfeld: We find out that Kramer has been paying for his spacious NYC apartment by selling speed. We also find out that he was both Jerry and Elaine’s dealer. This explains why they still hung out with him and how they both stayed so thin. George, of course had no idea and is upset that he was left out. He proceeds to develop a nasty heroin habit just to spite them.

Friends: Rachel reveals that she was moonlighting as a prostitute when she was waitressing. She had to do it to pay her share of the rent on her spacious NYC apartment.

Angel- Angel accidently stakes a collage kid involved in a live action game of Vampire the Masquerade.

Buffy- Someone kills spike and buffy takes revenge for killing her pet vampire.

Southpark- Doing something with Neuromancer (or another good SF book) like they did with Great Expectations.

7 Days-- Whatever the lead guy’s name is backsteps to find whatever that Russian woman’s name is eating a ham sandwich. He buys a bunch of stock, makes a killing and never returns to the back step program.