TV Play About Heretical Iris Monks?

Years ago, I recall seeig an interesting TV movie, about a catholc priest who is sent by the Vatican, to correct certain errors at a catholic monsatery in Irelan. It seemed that the monks were celebrating the mass in a way that the Vatican ddn’t approve of, and the priest (Charlie Sheen) attempted to reason with e abbot. Instead of a devout catholic, Sheen finds that the abbot was actually an athiest.
Anybody know the name of this? And how did it end?

Charlie Sheen? Are you sure? This really doesn’t sound like his kind of movie, but you might check out his filmography - I couldn’t see anything likely.

Catholics, from 1973. And it was Martin Sheen, not Charlie.

I remember Catholics, part of it anyway. The “errors” were that the monks had returned to traditional Catholic worship, Latin in the mass and so on. They thought that the church was becoming TOO ecumenical(I recall a brief news snippet mentioning ecumenical talks with Buddhists). They were attracting quite a few followers too.