TV question/problem

Once upon a time, I dropped my tv on it’s face. It developed little ‘blotches’ of discoloration along the sides of the screen. No consistent color, they’d just distort certain colors (blue became kind of purple, ect)…

How can I fix this? Do I need to take it to a shop with a degausser? What does that cost?

A degauser wont help. Although the problems look similar. dropping the tv probably disaligned the coils at the back of the picture tube. A service tech in a repair shop may be able to fix that.


Time for a new TV.

Fixing it would probably cost more than a new one.

Its possible the shadowmask may have been distorted, not much to be none about that, or the alignemment magnets at the tube neck have moved a little.

It depends on what you can tolerate it doesn’t sound too bad, maybe it would make a good spare room tv or something.