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I mostly enjoyed the musical episode. The highlight for me was probably “Hell” by the Squirrel Nut Zippers. Whenever a television show or movie plucks a reasonably obscure gem from '90s alt-rock, I just feel SEEN, you know? The big production featuring Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” was a close second. The last couple of song choices caused me to lose interest a little bit, but the fact that I dug everything up to that point is frankly kind of miraculous. I thought it was a good choice to get the explanation for the singing and dancing out of the way almost immediately instead of making us wait. I don’t think it would have added to the episode to turn it into some mystery.

i stayed up way to late for many a night and weekend and binge watched all the episodes.

at first i was a bit pulled out trying to figure how 2 blue eyed people had such a dark eyed child. the switch out of the actors of daniel espinoza explained that and i just rolled with it.

i’m very glad that they did not switch out the girl who played trixie, she is a delight, and i really enjoyed all the trixie scenes in the show. scarlett is brilliant.

dr linda martin is such a great character. she is really wonderful. the family dinner scene was so funny with her “so that’s why everything tastes like chicken!”.

i believe that maze had the biggest growth arc in the show. from serving trixie liquor to playing doctor, being auntie maze, falling for eve. her growth as from a vengeful demon to a loving demon was amazing.

i liked how much the angel of death and ella were alike. (although i still picture death as a very young robert redford.)

lucifer was played very well by tom ellis. he had a good growth arc, i believe maze’s arc was bigger. his portrayal in places reminded me of hal from being human and sherlock. one person described him as having “jaunty ennui” and that is a good description.

now to wait to see how he handles ruling the universe.

What switch out?

Lucifer Season 1 Episode 1 First Meet with Trixie - YouTube

pilot with original actor.
Trixie & Lucifer meet for the first time ・ Trixie Moments ・ Lucifer 1x1 - YouTube

reshoot with new dan.

original actor looks more like trixie. amusingly trixie looks more like lucifer than dad. it did come in handy when they went to the really weird school in “trixie morningstar”.

i went with a body swap explanation, as that wouldn’t be too weird for this show.

nextflix announced that september 10th is the date for 6 to drop.

That’s sooner than I expected