TV Show Lucifer

I’m halfway through the 8 episode run, and it’s a blast. Just finished the Dan Espinoza ep. About which:

It took me until the final shoot-out started to realize what was going on. Anyone know what the easter eggs were?

It is really amazing how the show evolved from it’s beginnings as a over the top cop show with a ludicrous premise. They manage to combine fun with character development and emotion in a consistently strong manner.

That, specifically, always seemed completely contrary to his character and nature: first he rebelled against literal heaven, then he walked away from hell. All in the name of free will.

But it could work. Like a little test of character. Is he truly against the idea of a god, or easily seduced when he himself is free to assume that role? Almost as if some sort of Satan is tempting and testing him…

Besides all that, there are always various interdimensional horrors to fight, Lovecraftian abominations, rival pantheons, the Endless, you name it.

Agreed. I enjoyed the silly procedural that it began as, but I’ve come to enjoy the larger arcs much more.

“Family Dinner”

The distillation of every awkward family dinner ever

At least we get the answer to why everything tastes like chicken.

The parallels between Lucifer’s family and the corpse-of-the-week family is a bit heavy, but they made it a bit fun as well.

I thought it was incredibly awful.

What’s the spoiler rule her, I didn’t see one. I have only watched 2 so far so I’ll spoiler anything that hasn’t been mentioned.

I’ll go with mostly great. A lot of the songs were, shall we say, not on my playlists. I think a problem with it is the song/dance they started with kind of overshadowed all the others.


First off, the chicken line was so out of left field it was hilarious.

I think they should have went with an unknown actor for God. Even a sparse tv watcher like me that has only seen him in 24, know he’s spent the last x years playing this friendly advice giver persona, it’s old hat for him. Besides, every right thinking Christian knows God is an old, European white man with flowing white beard with blue eyes and a white robe.

Was the singing all dubbed by someone else? Even Lucifer seemed off in the forced singing scenes compared to what he sounded like when he plays the bar piano. Extra points for Ellla, Maze and Dan for putting up some pretty ok dance scenes.

Extra points to Dan for handling having sex with Mrs. God.

Extra points for the Lucifer/Michael performances. Michael seems to be a completely different person.

I’m not sure how but I new God appeared because somethin was wrong, tho I thought maybe he was actually dying or moving in to a different plane above even godhood.

Chloe’s sticking by Lucifer no matter how hard he pushes her away is great writing. She’s not all crying and hysterical about it, just a level headed explanation of her view. I have to say that for a comedy with some drama thrown in, this show has some great love plots.

I know I’m missing some stuff, but I’ll check back in as I watch the rest of the episodes.

Thanks to @Broomstick for kicking the thread back to the top!

Finished it, thought it was fine. Interested to see where season 6 will go (didn’t know there was going to be one, but the ending certainly allows for it).

Me too. They didn’t even have the decency to put a talent show in the plot as an excuse.

How many angels died? Chloe shot two them, not sure if those were shots to wound or kill.

At least one demon/damned soul lost his head, and it sure looked like Maze got at least one.

Maybe this was covered in an earlier episode - but why did they bring damned souls from the bus instead of demons? Or do demons that appear on earth use the likenesses of the damned?

And I’m sure it was a budget thing, but the ‘host of heaven’ was pretty light on bodies. Presumably a budget thing - maybe it was just actual kids of Mom and Dad who get a vote?

Maybe a pandemic thing? They managed to bring in a lot of demons for the season 4 finale.

That’s a good thought - they were even socially distanced (which may have also been an attempt to make it look like there were more bodies there then there actually were).

Demons in hell can inhabit/posses the bodies of recently deceased people who wind up in hell. It’s a quick and dirty way to get them to Earth.

Coincidentally, I finally got around to finishing Sandman Universe Lucifer by Dan Watters, and they took things in the opposite direction:

Lucifer erases himself from existence, and shortly afterwards all the angels despair, for God has vanished, too— they are two sides of the same religious coin, and there cannot be one without the other.

He’s more-or-less unknown to me. The only thing I can recall seeing him in, he was a villain.

Whereas every follower of pop culture knows God is Morgan Freeman. So he works as the budget Freeman.

I’ve watched the first two episodes.
Spoil something for me:
Any God/Ella interactions? Of course Ella is the only major character (not including Trixie) not “in on it”

Loved Linda’s “more wine?” And Dan’s reaction after finding out he slept with God’s wife.


Yes there are. And well done, I thought.