Lucifer, Season Three

“Lucifer” starts its third season tonight, Monday, October 2, 2017, with the “They’re Back, Aren’t They?” episode!

Great, this has been one of my favorite shows.

I was hoping to see Lucifer flying with his rejuvenated wings, but I guess that won’t be happening. He doesn’t seem too fond of them.
I’m going to miss his “devil-face”, as well.

I don’t think the Devil Face is gone. It failed when he was trying to show it to Chloe. She seems to be a power dampener for him. It will probably turn out he still can do his devil face when she is not near or at least not the target.

I enjoy this show very much, another good start to the the season.

I was quite frustrated he cut off the wings before trying to show Chloe his devil face.

The wings will explain it all you doofus, just show her those!

That said, I am liking this season so far. The family drama with ‘Mom’ got old fast. I hope Sinnerman turns out to be a competent and complex villain.

Also, Amenadiel has been a sad sack for a while, he needs some wins so he stops moping.

Yeah, you’re probably correct about the devil-face.

It was a great start. I can’t wait to see what happening with Maze and Trixie.

Agreed with all. And even if he can’t get his wings erect (hehe) with Chloe around, he could take a video, get the doctor to back him up, or any number of things. There have to be some tricks he could do to convince her.

I didn’t really like mom that much at all, glad she has her own universe to screw up now.

So far Sinnerman sounds like a mob boss, but hopefully he is much more than that.

I actually enjoyed the mom story, but I’m glad that it has been resolved. And I am hoping the Sinnerman is actually a metaphysical threat.

I think Sinner man is lucifer, he gets bopped over the head and ends up in the desert, by what we know now, as a company that specializes in extreme pranks. All the dude knew was that he was contacted over the phone by someone called sinner man.

Which would mean that he is able to regenerate his wings, and not require devine intervention. Amenidiel looked like he wanted to make a guess at who this sinner man was, before taking the safe route and saying, nope, never heard of him.

So happy Lucifer is finally back! This has become my favorite show (tied with Doctor Who, but I’ve got a long wait for that!)

Loved the episode, though I wish he’d just finish his reveal to Chloe, already! I did like her “Are you gassy?” comment, though. :slight_smile:

So far I don’t like the new boss. He started out as a dick, and hasn’t improved much. Should be good for some conflict, though, and that’s always good.

If Lucifer keeps cutting off his wings and they keep growing back, he’s gonna have to find a place to stash all the “leftovers”…

He can just open a Buffalo Wing restaurant. “These wings are hotter than hell!” would be the tagline.

Yeah, I’m hoping that the new boss is going to more than just a jerk. But I’m fairly confident that the writers will add some more wrinkles to his character.

The “gassy” comment was priceless!

Everything I’ve read about him says he’s a new love interest for Chloe. :rolleyes:

I’m betting he’ll either die tragically or turn out to be Sinnerman.

Mrs D_Odds and I both pinged him as Sinnerman.

I love this show. My pals at church are overly fond of glurgy tales of personal redemption, but they are more “God is not Dead” sorts. Dear Lord, take me before I watch that shit! I like them as friends, but I prefer those atories without the glurge. The others are simplistic and stupid. This isn’t. I would like to say, “C’mon, some of your neighbors think you worship Lucifer!” This results in neighborly discussion like, “No, we follow the teachings of Martin Luther, whom we don’t worship. You’ve mistaken us for Catholics, who worship Mary.” (Shut up. I was basically raised a Marianist. Still have a bit of it, and that’s not far from wrong. Her worship goes back millennia before that cheap-ass Sumerian storm god. :wink: )

I know of one “church lady” (an acquaintance of an acquaintance) who is a member of a very conservative church, who said something like – “I know that I am not supposed to be watching this show, but I started watching because I had a big crush on Tom Ellis. And now I’m hooked!” :slight_smile:

Yeah, that may be it!

I hope that’s not it, because it’s a bit too obvious. Than again, if he isn’t, and there is an actual Sinnerman character, there become way too many characters in the show.

Also, I hope they cut back a bit on forensic chic – she’s better in very small doses – and give Amenadiel his balls – excuse me, I mean his wings – back.

This is a fun theory. I can see Lucifer going through a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde phase with his good and bad sides, as long as it doesn’t go on too long. It would be a great story arc for Dr. Linda, spotting it and treating it.

Just a reminder – the second episode of the third season, “The One With A Baby Carrot”, airs tonight (Monday, October 9, 2017)!