Supernatural: Current season, Open spoilers

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Ok, it seems like the last thread is balls old so I started a new one.

Ok, I just watched the latest one from yesterday and here be my thoughts.

Misha as Lucifer is bloody brilliant. Man, that sexy man can act.

Also, Lucifer, and Crowley and Cas in the Winchesters brain kitchen was awesome.

Plus, Yay! the Darkness is back. Let’s hope she fucks some things up.

Also, Rowena, (or how ever the fuck you spell it), is back. Yay!

Carry on my wayward sons.

Unfortunately next week is just more filler. Although the week after next, I think it is, Chuck/God(maby) will be back. So I’m looking forward to that, assuming that they reveal that Chuck is definitely God. If not it will probably be a disappointment.

In the episode two weeks ago, after Dean took the pills to try and bargain with Billie, she was sure he would die and seemed surprised when he was revived. I wonder if that was God’s doing.

Also, I keep wondering, if Death was still alive would he be able to challenge Amara? He couldn’t kill Dean while Dean had the mark. And the mark was powered by Amara, so… Also, how come Death and Amara didn’t know each other. Either Death isn’t as old as he claims, or else he met God after he locked Amara away.

Is Amara a twin? I think this season has been fine, but that last monthly break has me behind by 2 episodes. Luckily, CW’s website let’s me watch the show with no ads thanks to ad block. I’ll catch up with SPN and The 100 this weekend.
I am hoping the big bad this season will go out with a bang instead of whimper, they have wrapped up plot lines too easily these past few seasons.

I hope so. That would be cool.

Spoiler about whether Chuck is God or not.

[quote] In the episode two weeks ago, after Dean took the pills to try and bargain with Billie, she was sure he would die and seemed surprised when he was revived. I wonder if that was God's doing. [/quote]

I think it might have been. When Chuck was ending the story, wearing the white cloths sitting at his computer drinking a scotch (or whatever) and then he writes “The End” and then vanishes, he says something like, “They chose family
and isn’t that the point?”

Found video. Go to 4:30 to see Chuck make that remark.

Since Dean died to get Sam I can believe God would allow him to come back. After all the chick was just a reaper. Surely God can out power her and it seems like it was just her personal vendetta.

I don’t think Death could have taken Amara. Like you said with the mark thing. Death and Amara didn’t know each other because God locked Amara away so that he could make the universe. If there’s no universe there is no one to die and so no need for a Death. So I think Death came into existence when the universe was made which was after Amara was locked away. Plus she is supposed to be equal in power with God and heck in her full power she might be stronger than God. She is the older sibling. Plus it took God and the Archangels to lock her up.

According to Amara she is the older sibling.

Since there will be a 12th and possible 13th season, do you think Amara may be around after this season?

I find it strange that Billy said to Sam, “You and Dean dying and coming back again and again. The old Death thought it was funny.” When in season six Death said to Dean, “You and your brother keep coming back. You’re an affront to the balance of the universe, and you cause disruption on a global scale.”

I know, I know, writers will ignore continuity if it gets in the way of the story they’re trying to tell. Sorry, this will be the last gripe I make.

I don’t think so. There’s so much filler I think they’ll wrap up the Amara story line pretty quickly. I think if the producers are smart then next season they’ll take the danger level down a notch. Kind of like after they saved the world from the apocalypse the next season was about getting Sam’s soul back.

Since they’ve played around with some of the main characters changing species, I.E.

Sam briefly went full demon when using his demon blood powers.
Dean became a demon because of the blade.
Crowley was almost made into a human.
Castiel has been mostly human.

I would find it interesting to see Crowley made into an angel. Sam and Dean as angels would probably be interesting too.

What, Death can’t find something to be both an affront to the balance of the universe AND funny?

I guess he could be bipolar. “Damn Winchesters have been resurrected AGAIN!!! Hahahahaha.”

The show has definitely improved this year. Best season since seasons 1-5.

I think they have realized that one of the boys keeping a secret from the other is not really great drama or even all that interesting. That kind of storyline is well-past tired on this show.

I was thinking more like just because a comedian is offensive doesn’t mean he’s not still funny.

Looks like I lied. I have one more gripe.

Not only is there a lot of filler this season, but there’s no episode this week, or next. We have to wait till the 27th to see a filler episode, and that’s after we waited a month for the 3 most recent episodes we have seen.

Yeah, this is lame. I was all excited for this weeks episode after what happened last week.

A couple of days ago it hit me. I bet the person dying this season will be Rowena :(.

She already did once. Of course so did Dean when he thought Sam had. Really, it’s more of a question of who won’t die on this show. Despite whatever little ms reaper has to say about it.

Well I meant that she would die again, only permanently this time. I suppose Chuck could sacrifice himself to stop the Darkness, that wouldn’t surprise me, but I don’t think that will happen.

Edit: Then again, when Misha Collins said that at the end of season 10 that Castiel killed Crowley it was a big fat lie, so maybe this season the death mentioned was one of temporary ones.

You mean Death might have an odd sense of humor?

This was pretty good for a filler episode, but now hopefully they’ll focus on wrapping up this story arc and setting the next one for the next season.

Edit: Hey, the next episode is “Don’t Call Me Shurley” I think we all know where this is headed.

Funny, I had to watch the promo again to see that Metatron is in it. Although he’s not listed in the Supernatural Wikia page.

The plot it gives seems interesting, and under recurring cast it says,
Rob Benedict as God

Looking forward to it.