TV show that needs a remake/update

I was watching reruns of South Park tonight and saw the episode where Cartman freezes himself…and they made the second episode a Parody of BUCK RODGERS. I really want a remake of that show…who agrees…
lets discuss casting choices

I don’t know about that.

I remember watching a few first run episodes way back when, and it wasn’t all that good.
Let’s remake Quark . . . .

How would you like to see it remade? Either:

A) A grim & gritty re-imagining like “Battlestar Galactica” that starts over from square one, depicting (sometimes radically) re-altered takes on the original characters?


B) A continuation of the new series a la “Doctor Who”, keeping it in line with the tone of previously established stories, only updating the characters for modern-day sensibilities?

2 1/2 Men, for many reasons.

Cimarron Strip. I’d like to see this redone in a more Dead Wood style. Stuart Whitman rocked.

I’d watch a Quantum Leap reboot by someone like Davis Chase or J.J. Abrams, with maybe Nathan Fillion or Tom Cavanaugh.

Either that, or turn it into a comedy starring Larry David. That would be awesome.

A show you could NOT remake: Mary Tyler Moore. Not only is her job kind of obsolete, but they would turn it into Sex and the City-lite.

Remake Wagon Train. Call it The Oregon Trail. Hey! where are you going, get back here and listen!.. Not just Indian attacks and endless trudging into the desert, but a continuing storyline of varied couples. Looking for a better life in California. With flashbacks of their previous upscale lives in Philadelphia, or escaping from harsh poverty and criminal activities. Yes, it’s been done to death, but it would hold my interest more than another annoying reality show. It’s American history and younger viewers might not be familiar with it. I could see a run on HBO (they’ve done worse), with a cliffhanger at the end when someone mentions the words: Donner Pass.

I think I wouldn’t mind a reboot of The Greatest American Hero. Supers are popular right now, and it was a pretty good premise, if you look at it without the cheese inherent in the original version. Though it would be hard to find someone capable as Robert Culp as the grumpy FBI agent. He was a genius at being funny without being a comic.

But they’ll never get there…they’ll just keep…Wagon Training…

Thanks Wil!

Well, if Chuck ever comes to an end, I think Adam Baldwin could pull that role off. (Come to think of it, Chuck is actually kind of an updating of The Greatest American Hero.)

I want to see a remake of Quantum Leap that has no star. We see everything from the point of view of people around the person into whom Sam has leapt. You’d hear half-conversations, watch them stare strangely into the mirror, watch them fumble with information they should already know, etc.

Another show I’d like to see reimagined is Barney Miller.

As soon as Big Bang finishes its run, I’m signing Galecki and Parsons for this.

Bite your tongue. That’s another one that should never be redone The original cast was too damn awesome.

Man Into Space – realistic 1950s drama about space voyages within the solar system. The original was surprisingly adult, but dull. Nowadays you can do more human drama, and have much better effects.

Are you kidding? Naming anything “The Oregon Trail” would ensure that everyone between the ages of 25 and 35 would watch at least the first episode.

I was basically going to say what Dewey Finn did. *Chuck *is pretty similar to The Greatest American Hero . I don’t think it would be too hard to find someone to do the Culp style role.

I was thinking another well written realistic comedy in a NYC Precinct could work. Especially if one of the originals could now be an Inspector for the continuity sake. Maybe Deitrich but he sadly passed away last year I discovered. Ron Glass then reprising his role as Harris? I would have a hard time believing Wojo made it to even Captain. Harris I think made Lt. in the final episode, does that sound familiar? I would see this in the Doctor Who/Star Trek style of new stories decades later from the original. Not a reboot, a reboot would be odd for Barney Miller anyway.

I don’t understand, why?

Harris stated at the end that he should quit and do what he loves, write. Barney replied, “then you should”.

It’s one of the most famous video games of all time and was especially popular in the late 80s, when all all those 25 to 35 year old kids were in school.

But make it futuristic. Set it on a ship that sails to the stars. A star-ship, if you will.

I can’t imagine there’s many TV execs enterprising enough for a pitch like that.

Maybe call it… The Final Frontier