TV Shows That Should Be Remade

Would it still be a comedy? You have to find something new in the concept, or there’s not really much point in remaking it.

Darrin’s opposition to witchcraft would have to be toned done considerably (if not entirely eliminated) for the audience not to despise. Pretty much the entire push for living a “normal life” would need to come from Samantha. Also the writers should probably address why Endora always acted as if Samantha, an supernatural being at least 200 yrs old) was “throwing her life away” by spending a mere 50-60 yrs as a mortal housewife. :dubious: That always felt like a plot hole. If for example it was made clear that the Witches’ & Warlocks’ Council condemned Samantha to irreversible mortal aging for the duration of her marriage to Darrin it would put Endora’s constant attempts to break them up in an entirely new light.

My dream Start Trek series would involve a cross between the mini-arc model and the anthology model. It would just follow different characters; different episodes would take place in different time periods. One arc would be set during the Romulan War, another in-between the TOS movies & TNG, and yet another during one of the series. Not everything would involve Starfleet or even the Federation. Imagine an arc about the Time of Surak and Vulcan’s nuclear civil war or origins of the Borg. And yes I know this is a pipe dream that would never get made.

They did remake it, in 1997, as You Wish.

Just as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch was considered a 1990s version of Bewitched, You Wish was a 1990s version of I Dream of Jeannie. In this situation, a genie lives with a family, instead of a single man.

In the show’s pilot episode, Gillian Apple (Harley Jane Kozak) and her two children, Mickey Apple (Alex McKenna) and Travis Apple (Nathan Lawrence) visit a rug shop where they meet the owner, Madman Mustafa (John Rhys-Davies). There they buy a rug, where they unexpectedly release a genie (John Ales), who has been imprisoned for 2,000 years. The genie’s name is simply “Genie”, although in the first episode Gillian refers to him as “Steve from Canoga Park”, an alias he later uses. Jerry Van Dyke was introduced to the show in the third episode as Genie’s Grandpa Max.

As you would guess, it bombed.

What network is going to do a series today based on the premise of a beautiful woman who’s basically the slave of a single man? I can just imagine the media backlash.

Well, you at least have this to look forward to: The Equalizer (film) - Wikipedia

I hope it’s a worthy effort.

While running and listening to the Mission Log podcast I had some kind of brilliant plan that would create a Assignment Earth show. Essentially there would be an updated Gary Seven character and it can be placed in modern times where the main character is trying foil an invasion from some alien group looking to infiltrate and influence Earth for their nefarious purposes. Somehow Khan and the Eugenics wars could be tied into this though I think the Eugenics Wars were supposed to be 15 to 20 years ago. For some reason I thought the pilot could be bookeneded by the TNG, TOS, and Enterprise characters being involved, but somehow that doesn’t sound quite as good to me now.

Give the good guys sunglasses that let them see the aliens as they truly are!

Ooh, I like that!

My vote is for “Man From Atlantis.” They could do a fantastic job with that premise now.

The Match Game: '13

Upper left alternating between Neil Patrick Harris, Wayne Brady, Betty White and Whitney Cummings; upper center and right would be regulars Jessica Walter and Nathan Lane. Lower left and right would rotate between sitcom stars and musicians and washed-up movie stars; lower center would feature a rotating cast of game show hosts (Drew Carey, Alex Trebek, Regis Philbin) and talk show hosts (Ellen Degeneres, Rosey O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Fallon).

Hosted by John O’Hurley.

And they should have a thing that flashes and causes amnesia. Yeah, so the idea was brilliant when I was running, maybe not so much now. Maybe it was the lactic acid.

Anyway, there are a handful of cartoons that I liked back in the day that could definitely come back: The Gargoyles, Galaxy Rangers, Thundaar the Barbarian, are the three that I can think of offhand.

And/or The Rat Patrol

Well, I LIKED the idea you had of the meta mix of sci-fi stuff. Done right, a universe like that could be written for… for all time! Of course, Hollywood also has a lot of short sighted hacks, so it probably would never work. We can dream…

Yes! This time with enough money for authentic German tanks, either CGI or very convincing mock-ups. Messerschmitts and Stukas, too, all in desert camouflage… (Sigh!) :cool:

I am very fond of this idea.

If they ever do another Trek series, I’d like to see a prequel closer to Roddenberry’s original Forbidden Planet-type concept, with Capt Robert T April, the first commander of NCC-1701 (Constitution class). This would be at least two years prior to Christopher Pike’s taking command, along with the highly emotional Lt Spock of the first pilot.

That’s the series ST: Enterprise should have been!

I was all set to start griping but I’m actually interested. I like the director and the primary stars. I’m optimistic. For the moment.

Yeah, the movie reboot tried to include some of that, but, oh well.

The Great Bird of the Galaxy had better ideas earlier than later. (imho, ymmv)

eta: reply to ST:ENT thoughts

I think most women would love it (see “Fifty Shades of Grey”) most guys would love it (because we’re guys) and yeah, the gender feminists would be howling about it so loud you could hear them from the moon. I’d say a clear win for regular folks, but gender feminists have a lot more clout in Hollywood than they do anywhere else, outside academia.

Here’s who I’d cast: Ben Daniels and Michelle Ryan.

The thing about the '70s series that made it good was that they didn’t try to recreate the original. Steed was still there (he had been in every previous incarnation as well), but Purdey and Gambit were allowed to develop as completely new characters. It would have failed miserably otherwise.

That’s basically why the movie bombed (aside from having had a lousy script): with all due respect to Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes, they are NOT Emma Peel and John Steed (and neither is anyone else, other than Diana Rigg and Patrick MacNee)! Any new series would have to have a very different cast of characters while preserving the original’s freewheeling style (and maybe paying subtle homage to the past).

Would love LOST being remade.