TV Shows That Should Be Remade

How about It Takes A Thief. I can see Michael Weatherly as Alexander Mundy, with perhaps Robert Wagner as his father Alister Mundy.

*Kolchak: The Night Stalker * No, wait, they did that. It flopped. With Grimm and Sleepy Hollow out there, this would be the time for it, but it’s already had it’s chance.

Mission: Impossible No, wait, they did that. It more-or-less flopped.

I’d say Search, but I do think trust in government agencies is a bit too low these days.

But I’d watch Weatherby as Mundy.

I think they should just cancel Castle and put Fillion in the role of Jim Rockford. Seriously, I think he would be the perfect spiritual successor of James Garner.

Also, I seriously think Kolchak could play if they went for an older experienced character actor, like the original. The main reason the remake didn’t work for me was that they tried to sex it up.

Forget Kolchak-Bring back The Lone Gunmen.

I’ve never seen Castle. Is it a Rockfordy type show?

Anyway, I came in here to mention The Rockford Files.

Star Trek: Voyager

I’m in the camp that it is a pretty terrible show. However, the core concept is potentially very strong. TOS and TNG were about extremely talented individuals trying to uphold their ideals with the backing of seemingly limitless resources. Take away those resources, and you could have genuinely compelling drama without necessarily abandoning the intrinsic optimism at the core of the series.

With very careful casting(and totally ignoring the gawdawful movie fiasco) Bewitched could work.

One of the writers, Ron Moore, agreed with you. After he left Star Trek he wrote and produced the remake for BattleStar Galactica.

The success of that show highlights what I think is the key to success for any remake - take a show with a compelling core story which was mishandled the first time around. The original BSG had a story of a loss of civilization and hope and wrapped it in a cheesy 70’s veneer with misplaced humor and optimism. The new BSG took that same core story but wrapped it in a drama with better actors and a story that paralleled the War on Terror.

Breaking Bad just ended and showed us how satisfying a series that has a definitive end point can be. The new BSG failed on that count and I would love to see it remade as a show where the Cylons actually do have a plan as teased by the first 2 seasons of the show. It’s too early for that remake so I’ll say repay the favor to Star Trek - redo Star Trek with a more serialized story. Don’t just follow 1 spaceship but tell a larger story that can give insight into that universe as a whole. With Star Trek the story would need to be more optimistic than current Sci FI which could be a nice change. A better thought out story would also prevent many of the continuity issues and weaknesses that have plagued older versions - especially TNG and Voyager.

Babylon Five. This time, sign up all the actors for five-year contracts. That way, you don’t have to re-write major story arcs every time an actor in a crucial role disappears.

Not at all. It’s more like the love child of Moonlighting and a police procedural. (And, I say this as someone who loves the show. :slight_smile: )

The Equalizer. Loved that show. Too bad we couldn’t get Edward Woodward to star though.

“Have Gun, Will Travel” 1958-1963. I’ve recently watched 150+ of the total 225 episodes. It’s great. Writers include Gene Roddenberry, Irving Wallace, Bruce Geller and Harry Julia Fink.

Richard Boone played the highly educated, Paladin who lived in a fancy San Francisco hotel, loved opera, spoke many languages and then accepted a Gun-for-hire job and would kick or shoot the ass off the bad guys.

I’d love to see a well-done remake of The Avengers (the sixties TV series, not the Marvel Comics series). I suggest Benedict Cumberbatch as John Steed and Keira Knightley as Emma Peel.

The New Avengers, from the seventies, wasn’t bad at all. Something at least that good would be most welcome.

They’re already doing a remake of It Takes A Thief. Only it’s called White Collar.

No, no, no. David Boreanaz should be the new Jimmy Rockford.

I Dream of Jeanie

Can you imagine how sexy it could be done now?

Casting Jimmy is the easy part. Who should play Angel Martin, or Rocky Rockford, or Detective Becker, or Atty Beth Davenport? :slight_smile:

I think you’d have to seriously alter the concept. The idea of a woman who could do, literally, anything giving it all up to cook, clean, and entertain clients for her short-tempered husband just wouldn’t fly today.

After *Mad Men *wraps, hire January Jones and Jon Hamm to play Samantha and Darren and set it in the sixties.

I’d like to see a Pvt Ryan-realistic version of Combat!, maybe with Kiefer Sutherland as Sgt Saunders and George Eads as Lt Hanley.

There was an attempted remake a few years ago that got past the pilot stage, and all those roles were cast. There was a thread with lots of casting suggestions here.

I still think Sam Rockwell would be great as Angel.