TV Shows You Don't Particularly Like, But Watch Anyway?

I know it is odd, but I watch a few shows that I don’t particularly like.

For instance, why am I still watching Cougar Town?
The show started off with Courtney Cox dating younger guys (“cougar”) but they dropped that premise after about the fourth episode. Since then, just a bunch of adults drinking lots of wine and making stupid comments and playing stupid drinking games and basically doing nothing. It has decent ratings. Still, other than the fact my SO seems to like it, I have no idea why I continue to watch this (at best) mildly humorous show.

I loathe almost everything about Blue Bloods.
Unrealistic premise, crappy writing, hokey family dynamics (dinner looks like family night at the Waltons), pretentious homilies - the only reason I can think I still watch it is to make fun of it to my older brother who watches it and is amused at my rants.

Are there any TV shows you watch regularly, but don’t really like?

Bones - Everything about it is pretty stupid, but nonetheless I usually watch each new episode.

Outsourced. Apparently I’m locked in to watching 2 hours of NBC every Thursday, regardless of the quality.

Brothers and Sisters. I’ve come to loathe pretty much all of the characters, but for some reason I still want to find out what happens to them.

Dancing with the Stars. I watch it because my GF has it on, and because I’m waiting for *Castle *to start.

Burn Notice. I used to like it, but not any more. My GF and best friend still like it, though, and I haven’t quite got to the stage where I’ll leave the room while it’s on.

Days of Our Lives. I have to tape it for my wife every day, and though the filler drives me nuts, I still want to know if Stefano and EJ are going to obtain the evidence that proves Sami shot EJ

I watch Wheel of Fortune about once a week, as my dad never misses it and it’s usually on when I visit to cook him dinner.

I watch very little new TV, but all the good stuff I watch with my boyfriend. So I have to watch shit by myself. So I watch NCIS and Bones and hate myself in the morning.

Mike & Molly, a new show this season on CBS. I started watching it because I was like “Hey cool! A show about two fat people!”

But the show is just rife with stereotypes and embarrassing fat jokes that it’s really hard to watch. Not only is the writing pretty bad on the fat people (the actors are good) but there’s a stereotypical uber-slut/druggie, a stereotypical “southern baptist black grammy” (who actually broke out in a gospel song last week) and an African waiter who I think may be stereotypical as well. Oh, and the fat couple met at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.

I dunno why I still watch, but I do. Just to see if it gets better I guess.

Screw the idea of wanting to see “people just like me” on TV, tho. I’ll give up fat jokes in return for thin, pretty people with good writers.

A good chunk of what my wife watches I don’t particularly care for. Hoarders, I’m thinking of you!

I watched 2 seasons of True Blood though I knew it was crap from the pilot.

I’m sure I have a ton of other shows I kinda keep track of but they are mainly just playing in the background while I surf the net or play video games so it doesn’t really matter.

Yep. Dopers told me to watch it like it was a soap opera, and that helped. I don’t like any of the characters and the plots are nonsense, but the scenes are short and flashy, which fits my attention span. :slight_smile:

I’ve stopped watching the shows I don’t like. I’m down to two or three shows, and bits and pieces of Bridezillas, on Sundays between football games.

NCIS. Pretty much crap but amusing nonetheless.

Rescue Me. Almost unwatchable last season, but I’ll probably stick around to see how it ends.

Glee. I enjoyed the first season, but now it seems like even the musical performances can’t redeem the thin plotlines and crappy character development. Sue’s one-liners are about the only reason I keep tuning in.

I’ve been watching The Big C, just because it follows Weeds. The Big C is pretty awful, with a really unlikeable lead character, and I think I’m done with it.

Actually the lead character of Weeds has become more and more unlikeable as well, but the show has remained worth watching for the supporting characters. Still, I am close to giving up on that show, too.

Me too. It’s not a bad show, but if it went off the air today, I don’t think I’d mind. I really only watch it because it’s on between something and something else…and since I usually pause the first thing a few times, by the time that’s over there’s a fair amount of Outsourced already recorded.

Lie to Me. I used to quite like it, but the last few episodes have been muddled, confusing, and moving further and further away from the original premise–not to mention the fact that I don’t really like any of the characters except Lightman, his daughter, and (a little bit, at least) his partner/love interest. And Lightman’s weird tics are getting more and more pronounced/distracting/irritating.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll watch.

My husband subjects me to Dancing With the Stars, The George Lopez Show, and Law & Order.

I would count NCIS and Two & a Half Men, because they’re on TV when I’m present, but I never get sucked in and actually watch.