TV speaker noise - interference?

I have a one-year-old Samsung LCD TV and the speakers are making intermittent blipping/ticking noises. When it happens, they are roughly 5 seconds apart and vary from higher, treble-ly ticks to lower-pitched blips similar to lightning interference. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it seems to be becoming more common. It happens when we’re watching broadcast (antenna) and it happened when we had cable. It happens when I’m playing video games as well. It doesn’t make the noise when I have it hooked up to my receiver and I have the TV’s volume turned down. The picture doesn’t seem to be affected at all.

It’s been happening for more than two months. At first I thought that it may have been due to our apartment’s old wiring, but we moved last month to a nearly new building and it’s still doing it.

My question - is it a speaker issue or a electronics problem? Which would be more expensive to repair?


Do you keep your cell phone anywhere near the TV when you’re watching it?

Usually at least 5 feet away from the nearest cell phone.

It’s still doing it with both of them turned off. Could cordless phones cause this kind of interference?

I have the wireless router and DSL modem near the TV. I’ll try turning those off to see if that’s it.

That wasn’t it.

It’s doing it now and the furnace and the fridge are both not running, so I can rule those out. The game boxes are unplugged, so it’s not them.

Maybe it’s my MacBook.