TV stars in competition with themselves

In 1964 “The New Adventures of Mister Magoo” aired on NBC at the same time as “Gilligan’s Island” on CBS putting Jim Backus in competition with himself. Are there other examples of this happening with other performers?

I believe St. Elsewhere aired at the same time as Knightrider. On the former William Daniels played Dr. Mark Craig, while on the latter he was the voice of KITT.

The number of actors in multiple shows airing the the same season on different networks is very small: Backus, Daniels, Goldie Hawn, Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks, maybe a few others. Having them in the same time slot would be even rarer.

Don’t think so. Both St. Elsewhere and Knightrider were on NBC…


Among the few people I can think of who were starring/co-starring on different series at the same time was… the young Heather Locklear, who was on both Dynasty and ***TJ Hooker ***at one point.

But both shows were on ABC, and aired on different nights

I would guess this happened with some regularity during the heyday of Saturday morning cartoons. The top voice artists tended to work a LOT. Mel Blanc almost certainly had it happen at least once.

Anderson Cooper and Christianne Amanpour are two CNN stars that have had regular gigs for other networks (Amanpour on ABC’s This Week and Cooper on CBS’ 60 Minutes) but I don’t think their shows have ever actually aired opposite what they were doing on CNN.

I have to believe that Laurie Metcalf (Sheldon’s mom on Big Bang Theory) compete’s with herself periodically. I mean she has reruns of BBT, Rosanne and others going. And when the McCarthys was on it had to be bumping into one of those reruns.

Also, I seem to remember Jon Stewart one time being interviewed on a talk show and saying, “For those of you on the West Coast, you could be watching me right now.” Or something to that affect.

Pretty sure a bunch of actors from Oz were also on Law & Order at the same time.

Also, Alison Brie was on Mad Men and Community at the same time.

With thirteen-week seasons becoming popular, we’re seeing more of one actor on two shows, though not in competition. Raúl Esparza does both SVU and Hannibal. It’s more of a problem for him since shooting schedules overlap. And Margo Martindale did a brief reprise of her role on The Americans during the run of her CBS sitcom The Millers.

I found two of these so far.

Daws Butler and Don Messick respectively did the voices of Quick Draw McGraw and The Narrator on* Quick Draw McGraw*, and Elroy/Mr. Cogswell and Astro on The Jetsons. Both shows aired at 10 AM on Saturday mornings during the 1963-1964 season.

Wally Kurth is currently appearing in both *Days of Our Lives *on NBC and *General Hospital *on ABC, two daytime soaps with different shooting schedules. I’m not sure if there are still markets where they air at the same time, but it’s still strange to see his two similar characters twice in one day and not get confused about who is who.

In this thread, TBG noted that Tahmoh Penikett kept appearing on both DOLLHOUSE and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: same time, different networks.

Dave Foley is in everydamn thing right now.

Spun Out
Hot in Cleveland
The Middle
The Odd Couple
Dr. Ken
(coming this fall)

He also makes a lot of guest appearances.

Anyway, I’m not sure if he is ever up against himself. In the US, The Middle and Hot In Cleveland are both on Thursdays, but different time slots (8 and 10). The Odd Couple is Fridays at 9. Spun Out is only on in Canada (and is on hiatus now) but maybe he goes up against himself in Canada.

Ooooh yeeeeaaaah.

Robert Reed played Adam Tobias semi-regularly on Mannix from 1969-1974 while also starring as Mike Brady on The Brady Bunch. I don’t remember what networks both shows were on. I want to say that Mannix was a CBS show and The Brady Bunch was ABC (?).

Patrick Warburton surely has competed with himself; Family Guy, The Venture Brothers, Rules of Engagement, The Tick, Seinfeld, etc.

And such range!

There was a time in the 1970s when Curt Gowdy was The Voice of NBC Sports (lead on baseball, football, NCAA basketball tournament) and did American Sportsman and some Olympics on ABC.