TV Trivia Mega-Quiz

Seeing the astounding number of posts for the history quizzes got me to thinking–do we have enough Doper TV fans to give the history buffs a run for their money? I’m betting we can get close, so here we go!


Just as in the history quizzes, no looking up answers, except if you think your answer is correct and the question-poster’s isn’t.

Correct responders earn the right to post questions of their own.

I’ll start with sets of questions regarding specific shows; you can post questions in any format you see fit.

Try to number your questions sequentially–for example, my last question is #20; next poster starts at 21 and so on.

Good Luck!

The Odd Couple:

  1. Felix and Oscar’s exes names were Gloria and Blanche. In the film and play versions, which name was different?
  2. How many children did Felix have and what were their names?
  3. Which teen idol played one of them?
  4. Which regular has a sibling who made guest appearances on the show?
  5. Three football players had guest shots on the show. Deacon Jones played himself; which two did not play themselves?

Mary Tyler Moore:

  1. What was Mary’s reporter aunt’s name and who played her?
  2. What is the name of Mary’s home town?
  3. During her interview, Lou asked Mary if she wanted a drink. What did she ask for?
  4. Who did Ted believe his real father was?
  5. What was the name of the game show Ted auditioned to host?

All in the Family:

  1. According to Archie, what was his nickname as a child?
  2. Joe Tucker told a story about Archie dropping a case of machine parts. What name did he call Archie after the incident?
  3. What was the name of the neighborhood mortician?
  4. What future soap opera icon made a guest appearance on the show? (2 possible answers–extra credit for both)
  5. Name 2 actors from “military” sitcoms who had recurring roles on the show.

Hill Street Blues:

16.Who was the first “sergeant of the watch” to succeed Phil Esterhaus?
17. Who had a “Fatal Attraction” crush on Stan Jablonski?
18. Which future Oscar nominee played the love interest of one of the detectives?
19. Who played “Captain Freedom”?
20. What did Mick Belker’s father do for a living?

I’ll just take the easy one.

Dennis Dugan

  1. Oscar’s ex has a different name in the film and play
  1. I don’t remember the character’s name but the actress was Eileen Hackert

(these are tougher than they look)

  1. one was Anthony Geary; the other, I don’t know the actor’s name but he played Asa Buchanan on OLTL (they were in the same episode revolving around Archie’s homophobia)

I did not watch enough HSB to attempt those



Heckart, actually–1/2 credit.

Philip Carey was the actor; anyhoo, you get the extra credit PLUS extra-extra credit for remembering that they were on the same episode. Well done!

Are you keeping score? or is this for the helluvit?

I’ll contribute some questions when I am home and con concetrate on them

Just for the helluvit, sweetie–don’t stress. :slight_smile:

Mary Tyler Moore question 8 - Mary asked for a brandy alexander.

Question 6 - Eileen Heckart was Aunt Flo. (Inasmuch as “Aunt Flo” is a euphemism for menstruation in some circles, I always wondered whether some writer wasn’t having a little joke with that character’s name!)

  1. According to Archie, what was his nickname as a child?

I -think- the answer to this one is “Shoebooty” because one shoe had a hole in it and he had to wear a shoe on one foot and a boot on the other, the kids then called him shoebooty.

Damn, these are some really hard questions!

and now for some questions:


  1. In the episode told from the patient/soldier’s p.o.v., what are the only two sentances he says?

actually - that’s all I’ve got for now - I’ll have to sleep on it - maybe I’ll have more tomorrow.

“Help me” and “Thank you”, IIRC

you’re half right.

Both correct.

  1. According to Archie, what was his nickname as a child?

Very good!

If I’m allowed to add questions, here are a few, in no particular category:

  1. What noted television personality once spent an entire half hour apologizing for the program he had put on last week?

  2. What was that program?

  3. Who was the first man to head the ABC evening news?

  4. For what television program is that man best known?

  5. This program is believed to be the longest-run program to be canceled in midseason.

  6. Name at least four comedy writers for the various programs of Sid Caesar (Your Show of Shows, Caesar’s Hour, etc.) that would receive note later.

  7. Why did a CBS in-house attorney host the CBS Evening News for two weeks in 1967?

  8. Which Toledo millionaire tried to set up a fourth network in the mid-1960s?

  9. Where did Associated-Rediffusion broadcast, and on what days of the week?

  10. Two fairly notable British television programs were canceled in the run-up to the 1964 General Election (one for good, the other until the early 1970s). What programs were they?

Jackie Gleason. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the show.

The show was You’re in the Picture, a game show where contestants were placed in one of those carnival-style novelty picture things, and they had to guess what painting or whatever they were in based on clues the panel gave them.

In London, but I forget what days. I believe it was weekdays. (Later, Thames broadcast on the weekdays and London Weekend on, well, the weekends.)

  1. John Daly
  2. He was the host of “What’s My Line?”
  3. I know Mel Brooks, Woody Allen and Neil Simon all wrote for Caesar. I think Dick Cavett may have written for him as well.

the fourth one was Carl Reiner

Well, of course there was Reiner - but he was one of the stars of the show. Governor Quinn asked for writers who would receive note later.

16.Who was the first “sergeant of the watch” to succeed Phil Esterhaus?
Lucy Bates ?

Since I answered one question right, I’m going to ask one question. I hope y’all can dig way back …

  1. There was a show that ran for a couple of years in the late 50s called “The People’s Choice,” starring Jackie Cooper. It also had a basset hound named Cleo. Cleo’s “thoughts” were voiced by …?