TV Tropes question

Where do TV Tropes store their deleted pages? I wanna find a few.

I think they are only available as DVD extras.


Generally, deleted pages cease to be viewable, which is the point of deletion.

Depending on the page you want to see, one of the offshoots, like All The Tropes, or the Fetish Fuel Wiki might have them.


That wasn’t deleted. Just a naming issue…it’s Pokemon the Movie Black and White, not Pokemon Black and White the Movie. It’s also in the Anime namespace, not Film, but the title in the Film namespace is a disambig.

‘Black and White the Movie’ should probably be a redirect, actually…

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No, it was different. Go to the Cut Master and ask where do you store the deleted pages.

It was a film about Mellodi the trainer.

If such a page ever existed, having been deleted means it is no longer around, unless whoever attempted to add it kept a copy, themselves.

It is unlikely that it ever existed, however, as there is no film called Pokemon Black and White the Movie, it is a, frankly fairly obscure, joke from a Channel Awesome message board joke thread about a Nostalgia Critic episode from 2048. While TV Tropes isn’t (or at least wasn’t) adverse to creating joke pages for non-existent works, they’re generally locally sourced and incredibly trope-laden, not attempts to help other people’s jokes achieve meme status.

No, they didn’t. I remember that joke.

EDIT: Maybe ask the Cut Master?!

For many websites in general, you can oftentimes find an old/deleted page via the Internet Archive. Note, you have to know the URL of the page you want, or at least the URL of a web page on the original site that could eventually let you click to it. The closer to it, the better.

In addition, the web site has to allow the Archive to crawl it. I checked and TVTropes’ home page is archived and no doubt others.

Note that the Archive lists pages by dates, so if you sort of know when you saw that page, there’s some chance you can find that version.

Not all aspects of web pages are archived. You can be missing images, scripts, etc.

I couldn’t find it.

Of all the big websites I visit regularly, TVTropes is easily the most…for lack of a better word, ephemeral. Pages, discussions, heck, entire sections are subject to sweeping changes or even deletion at a moment’s notice. Unfortunately, you just have to learn not to get too attached to anything. That’s just the consequence of a website anyone can edit. Sometimes what works for them works against you, and vice versa.

Does anyone want to see it? If so, drop a mention on Ask the Tropers. Be sure to ask why hijhiysonikku is called a lunatic. Ask if you can see it for yourself to see what they don’t like about it.

I almost did using the wayback machine, but the page hasn’t been crawled.

Can anyone help me find it if they’ve seen it, or know what it’s about? It’s become a part of the Permanent Redlinked Club. We want to take it to Encyclopedia Dramatica for their TV Tropes article, or the All the Tropes Wikia, so one better PM an admin or Ask the Tropers.

I was afraid that one my favourite edits of the Brian Blessed page was removed to offer just the plain article one.

But that over the top edit was so epic that it is still saved, It goes super hammy just like Brian would after a few lines. Close your eyes if you do not like the super ham version:

To protect your eyes :slight_smile: try the current page:

Funny stuff, mate.

Now, do you remember Film/PokemonBlackandWhiteTheMovie?
I have a vague memory of it starring a woman trainer named Mellodi. Tell me if I’m wrong.

Try using Google Cache or Coral Cache!

Not only is he loud,he has an amazing memory. I went to a talk he gave in 1993 about Everest. Half way through he stopped as he’d recognized someone in the audience from his school days almost half a century earlier. I thought at the time it was staged, but then I bumped into him in a lift at work 17 years later and he remembered my name from the book signing. Total legend!

Very nice, indeed.

(Blessed’s Augustus in I, Claudius is one of my favorite characters in any medium. Such a positive guy! And the performance is often quite subtle.)