TV/VCR combo and replacement remote controls

I have a Philips 27" TV with a built in VCR that is maybe 6 years old. Other than the remote no longer working, there is nothing else wrong with it. The problem I have is that I can’t find a universal remote that works with TV/VCR combos.

To be honest, I don’t care if I can control the VCR or not, though it would be useful if I ever wanted to set a timer to record something (I have no idea how, or if it’s even possible to program this without the remote). All I care about is being able to change channels, turn it on/off, and control the volume.

The universal remote I have with my cable box will control the volume but nothing else. I’m cancelling all but basic cable anyways, so it doesn’t matter anyhow.

Please tell me I don’t need to buy a whole new TV for lack of a replacement remote that will work on combo units.

Thanks in advance,

Years ago, we had a TV/VCR combo too. Like you the remote went bad well before the TV. I couldn’t find a universal that worked with our set, so I called the company and they got me a replacement easily. It was more expensive then the ones at the store, but it worked.

Good luck.

I got this number from the website at
1-800-531-0039. It’s to order replacement remotes for any Philips tv.

I guess actually looking at the website would have made too much sense. :smack:

Thanks so much for your help, percypercy and dragongirl!

BTW- for anyone considering it- stay away from combo units that are bigger than you feel comfortable picking up and carrying out the door to be repaired, because the VCR will need to be repaired well before there is ever a problem with the tube.

45.00USD plus S+H for a grand total of 56.95!

Talk about having you over a barrell!


I bet this one might have done it, it does everything:

Some features of it, not all:

General Features:

Dot matrix LCD screen

180 virtual control keys with customizable labels

Controls up to 12 components

36 macro commands with up to 32 steps each

12 system control macros

12 component macros

12 timer macros

4 macro execution speeds

Factory preset power-off macros for all Sony components

One-touch access to favorite channel

Internal clock and weekly timer

12 timer macros schedule actions for automatic execution

Programmable 5-way joystick controller

Nearly 500 sets of non-Sony commands preset

Nearly 450 capacity for learning new commands

2 infrared LEDs high-powered emitter

I can’t imagine a new universal remote (esp. a URC based model) not working for a recent vintage name brand TV/VCR combo. I suggest re-reading the manual.

BTW: I never use a device’s original remote on a day to day basis. I use a universal replacement and store the original. I only bring it out for major/complex settings.

FWIW, I have/had the same problem with a 6 year old TV/VCR combo and universal remotes. I tried four different models and none worked other than to turn the TV off and on.

Another problem I have with the combo TV is that you cannot hook up a DVD player to it without it thinking that you are trying to illegally copy DVDs. When we tried to play a DVD the picture would lighten then darken repeatedly. I will never buy one of those combo units again.

" When we tried to play a DVD the picture would lighten then darken repeatedly."

Thats macrovision that happens if you run the signal through another machine before your tv. Shouldn’t happen using the RF output .