TV doesn't work with remote

All of a sudden my universal remote for my TV stopped working. I figured that my remote was broke so I bought another universal remote. This fails to turn on my set. BUT it does work on my cable box and VCR.

I got another universal remote and this one (made by Magnavox which is my TV brand) fails to turn on my TV set. Again my cable box and VCR work with the universal remote.

Question is now it appears it is my TV at fault NOT the remote. Is the only solution to buy an new TV. The TV is about 5 years old but works beautifully. The only thing I hate is I can’t turn it off and on or control the volume.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be wrong. Nothing is in front of the TV. I don’t see where the eye for the remote is but it must be in front.

There are a couple of things that could be wrong here:

#1 a piece of tape could be blocking the TV’s IR reciever.

#2 there could be some switch on your TV somewhere that turns the IR reciever on and off. (there is one on the TV in my room, but that TV is 10 years old or something. It’s not a common feature in current TVs)

#3 the IR reciever or related circutry might be busted.
The first one would be relatively easy to fix, just remove the tape. As for the second one, do you have the TV’s manual? It would list where the switch is, if it exists, in the manual.

The third one is a bit more complicated. If it turns out to be #3 (or you can’t seem to find anything else that could cause it) I would reccomend taking it to a TV repairman unless you know what you’re doing.

I have a similar problem in my bedroom (no wisecracks please). My remote used to work for but the TV and the VCR, now all of a sudden the channel up/down no longer works for the VCR but it does still work for the TV. I have determined that the remote still has IR output for the channel up/down buttons, and I have even gone so far as to observe the IR signal on an oscilloscope through a decoder just to make sure the pattern generator is working.

Another remote (same brand, but a few yesrs older) works just fine to change the VCR channels, so it doesn’t seem to be the VCR’s fault.

The only thing I can come up with is that the programming has gone south just for those two buttons, maybe in the long strings of ones & zeroes in the remote IR signal there is an extra one or zero that shouldn’t be there & the TV rejects the signal because it doesn’t understand it.

According to 1-800-REMOTES:

But that didn’t help me.


Try one other thing.

Universal remotes often list multiple (and in the case of major brands like Phiillips/Magnavox, RCA and Sony–multiple multiple) codes for one manufacturer. While all the TV sets made by that company may have a universal setting for on/off, you may have to experiment with different codes to find the one that will work with all the features.

Also, don’t overlook the simple stuff. Are the batteries good? Stuck button somewhere?

That’s right, Magnavox has many TV codes & you have to enter each one mark. I hope you have a list of them cause they are important. If you don’t have the instructions for it, almost all the remote controllers have web sites with that info.