TV Remote Control Help

We have a universal remote control for our LG television as the remote that came with the tv died. We also have remotes for our VCR and DVD players which are LG brand and have TV buttons, all of which were working with the tv until last night. All of a sudden last night, the tv stopped recognising remote controls. What could cause this and do I need to take it to an electronics expert to have it fixed?

Check the link below and see if anything there might help. (But the chances may not be good. And repair is usually not cost effective nowadays unless you are a good electronics DIYer.)

If the TV just stops responding to one remote, it could be the remote that has the problem. If the TV stops responding to multiple remotes that all used to work, then it’s the TV’s problem. Check to make sure that nothing got smeared on the TV’s “eye” (should be a little black square somewhere on the TV, usually near the bottom). You might also try unplugging the TV for a couple of minutes then plugging it back in. If that fails, it’s probably best to just get a new TV. Repair technician time is very expensive, and modern TVs are very cheap.

I’d first try fresh batteries and, if that didn’t solve the problem, try reprogramming the universal remote, just as you did when you first put it into use.

Yeah, the first thing you ought to do is check whether there’s something blocking the spot on the TV that receives the remotes’ signals. If there’s some object sitting in front of it, or if it needs to be cleaned off, that’s a cheap and easy fix.