TVeblen, how can I be as intelligent, attractive and perfect as you are?

…and still manage to train guide dogs and read to children two hours a day? May I service you orally?*

(Mods name changed for various reasons, though Bibliophage you are such a wonderful person, I am sure. [/sub]

So, let me get this straight. The one you really want to go down on is Bibliophage?

You must be losing something in the translation… silly Mods again reading their own spin on things… Do not make me pit you for the extrodinarily lame attempt at humour… :wink:

If you want to make 'em jealous, hit on their friends.

Well, I’m impressed.

I haven’t been this confused in years.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

I dunno Curious, I read that as an expression of true luff for Bibliophage, too.

Hands off, you Canadian Casanova. Bibliophage’s mine.

Can’t I hit on TV in peace??? :stuck_out_tongue:

I gave those specific instructions FOR A REASON, CURIOUSCANUCK. A REASON.

And it’s VEB.


I know you did… :slight_smile:

And I know it is… but I felt all Simspns-y there… mmmm TV can tell me what to do… heh :wink:

Sorry, honey, NO ONE is as intelligent, attractive and perfect as Veb. Or as nice, either. It can’t be done.

It is always good to have something to strive for, though, so have at it!

Or as shy apparently :wink:

I’m as intelligent and attractive as TVeblen* – I’d be happy to give you some pointers until he shows up.

  1. You’re gonna need a bronze codpiece. Don’t let them talk you into stainless steel, it’s gotta be bronze. The rust is part of the package.

  2. You’ll need to affect some sort of accent. Russian is good. Something really obscure and sing-song would be better. Maybe Nebraskan?

  3. Anytime someone says anything remotely nice to you, grab their face in both hands and kiss them with a loud smack. Then, in your best affected accent, cry out something unintelligble about a feast and many goats.

Before you know it, love and happiness will be yours.

  • [sub]This statement assumes that TVeblen is a severely deformed goat-like creature with a slightly vacant expression and dried-up bits of food stuck to his face.[/sub]

[sub]Veb is a woman[/sub]

But I got everything else right, yes?

[sup]Veb also trains goats[/sup]


She also locks down threads in the nicest ways…

If you say so…:smiley:

Me either*

*It’s only ‘Me TOO’ posts that are frowned upon…so please note the phraseology before you pit me for a superfluous post!

At long last… RESPECT

After so many long, hard years, slaving away quietly in the shadows, while all those yowlin’, howlin’ extraverted mods like Coldfire and UncleBeer and bibliophage get all the Pit and flirt threads, it finally happened! Oh sure, they go out partrying, baggin’ the babes and raisin’ hell, but who gets stuck cleaning out the goat pens, hmmm? And let me tell ya, those critters are just fur covered gastrointestinal tracts.

CuriousCanuck, you are a person of rare taste, insight and discernment. It is an honor to share pixels with you.


[sub]P.S. Thanks for the heads-up on the thread, Coldy. Shit-FAHR, much more of this and I’m gonna start doing vanity searches![/sub]