tvfox gadget

anyone have one of these or know of them? Ad says “just plug it in and watch tv” over 80 channels yada yada… to good to be true?

It’s a digital TV antenna. How many OTA channels are within 25-50 miles of you?
Telling point

They’re free anyway.

They should call it a tvrabbit because that’s all it is. Rabbit ears. Designed to connect to Over The Air television signals which, of course, are free.
Check the reviews on Amazon. 86% rate it one star. It’s a piece of junk.

Except actual rabbit ears are cheaper and better. I have a $25 set of amplified rabbit ears. I can pick up 22 channels, the furthest away I can pick up clearly is about 45 miles away. Of course, all this is going to depend on how many channels are in your line of sight, and the larger the metro area you’re in, the more channels will be transmitting.

I have literally a bent up coat hanger as my antenna. I get all the major OTA channels just fine. Being in a major TV market probably helps too.

So you can do it cheaper and better at home? :smiley:

I laughed like hell when I saw that ad, being of the age where antennas were the thing.

Johnny Carson used to do a bit as a TV toy salesman, extolling the virtues of Dicky the Stick (a stick, only $29.95!) This reminded me of that.

I don’t know about better. But good enough for the amount of OTA TV I watch.

Now let me tell you about Olive Garden vs. my pasta…:wink:

Since this is about the hardware, not the content of the shows, it’ll probably be a better fit for IMHO.

You gotta get one of those amazeballs gadgets you plug into a wall socket that “turns your house wiring into a giant antenna!” :wink:

Does that work?

Thanks everyone . I too grew up with an antenna on my roof… the house we bought had a router! I live in the boonies so not a good market for local tv. I can remember PBS stations coming in best. I watched the infomercial at a homeshow once and my friend was about to buy it and I talked her down. whew.

I recommend everyone get an antenna and see what channels they can get over-the-air. I was surprised that there were a lot of oddball channels showing all kinds of reruns. Old game shows, classic TV shows, 80’s sitcoms, true-crime, etc. It’s like a lower-tier version of cable.

If you’re wondering what channels you might get, there are several websites which try to predict your lineup based on your location (like

One caveat is that the networks broadcast in HD, but many of the other channels are in a lower resolution.

When I cut the cable, I got a Mohuantenna. The only OTA channel I get with it is PBS. :frowning:

It’s a very, very old scam.

Yeah, OTA TV these days is a really upgraded experience. The OTA HD broadcasts from the major networks are very high quality images, and a lot of the SD subchannels, while not HD, are in widescreen SD, similar to DVD quality.

The old game shows and near-constant reruns of MASH are pretty darn watchable.